Jane Seymour Fonda, known as Jane Fonda , turns 83 this Monday.His life looks like a script for one of his movies. His father was the famous actor Henry Fonda , remarried to his mother, Frances Seymour Brokaw.They both belonged to an aristocratic family. His father liked women too much and little by little his marriage was declining. Until inevitably marital problems came, which affected her psychological health. Jane Fonda was 12 years old when her mother committed suicide.
The father, instead of telling them the truth, decided to tell them that their mother had died of a heart attack. This lie ended up destroying the Fonda brothers. Later, learning the truth through magazines, Peter attempted suicide by shooting, and Jane began to suffer from bulimia.So she grew up with her grandmother in Connecticut.
Her acting was in her blood, as the daughter of a movie star and sister of fellow actor Peter Fonda. She fled to Paris, studied painting and piano, and tried journalism.She then entered her training at the Actor’s Studio.

From a sexy star in Barbarella in the 1960s, the actress became an activist against the Vietnam War, nicknamed Hanoi Jane. TheFitness queen and aerobic millionaire has been married three times. The first with Roger Vadim , talent scout and discoverer of the famous Brigitte Bardot, with whom he had a daughter, Vanessa. In 1968 he left his family to find peace and mental stability in India.
In January 1973, with the end of the Vietnam War, Jane marries another pregnant activist lawyer, Tom Hayden.
In 1985, when she had just overcome bulimia, she revealed in an interview: “I loved to eat, but I wanted to be thin. I ate and vomited 15 to 20 times a day.”
The year 1991 became his third wedding in Mrs. Turner, wife of television mogul Ted Turner.In 2002 the winner of two Oscars returned to divorce and be single again. Very socially committed, she is a grandmother although her age is not noticeable at all. Even her ex-husband Ted comments, “Jane looks amazing and she’s just fantastic.” Despite the divorce, the two remain great friends.
Her physical appearance was always paramount to her, to the point that she has had several aesthetic operations : on her eyelids, breast augmentation, and she has also removed some ribs to enhance her waist. A few years ago he revealed that he suffered sexual abuse in his youth.
Despite being a convinced feminist and her incessant activity, she still had time to adopt a third child, overcome breast cancer, write a best-selling autobiography(My Life So Far) and build an image of security that for years had little to do with reality. Although his vitality is enviable.

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