Jamie Lee Curtis wonderful actress daughter of art (dad Tony Curtis, mom Vivien Leigh) in these days at the cinema with the second chapter of the latest trilogy about Michael Myers and the cult horror Halloween , ” Halloween Kills ” gave an interview to People in which, for the first time, she told about the complicated journey of her adopted son Tom , who a year ago announced to his parents that he was transgender . A difficult path that has led him today to be, proudly and consciously, Ruby . Jamie Lee Curtis, his adopted children
Jamie Lee Curtis has two adopted children, Annie, born in 1986, and Ruby (born Tom in 1996) along with her husband, actor, director and musician Christopher Guest. Jamie Lee Curtis and her trans son: “I’m a student, I learn from her.”
Jamie Lee Curtis tells People: “I’m a very grateful student. She’s learning new terminology and new words, “referring to her daughter Ruby (before her Tom) declaring herself transgender last year Jamie Lee Curtis: When Ruby Told Her She Was Trans
Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter tell People how, where and when Ruby confessed to them that she was transgender. Last year, she sat in the family backyard in Los Angeles with her mother and her father, comedy director Christopher Guest. She was about to come out as trans. But she was unable to do it. “It was scary, just simply telling them something about me they didn’t know,” Ruby confesses. “Yet I was not worried. They have accepted me so much all my life ”. Then when Ruby left, she sent a message to her mother. She remembers Jamie Lee: “I called her immediately. Needless to say, I was crying bitterly ”.
Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom, today Ruby Jamie Lee Curtis: “With Ruby I’m learning a new language”
Today, 25-year-old Ruby works as a video editor for a site on YouTube, and feels comfortable as she, along with her mother, prepares to talk publicly about her journey for the first time. And Jamie Lee, 62, still with a few tears, and ready to listen. “I’m learning a new language, a new terminology, new words. I’m new to this. I’m not someone who pretends to know a lot. And I will certainly make mistakes. I would just like to try to avoid making big mistakes ”. Jamie Lee Curtis: “I still make mistakes, but I want to be an example”
Jamie Lee says she has learned a lot: “You become a little more aware of what you are saying. How are you saying that. I’m still wrong, today I got messed up twice. We are human beings. ” And he adds: “The hardest thing is to change the name you have given a child. That you have spoken all your life. And so, of course, that was the biggest challenge in the beginning. Then the pronoun. My husband and I still slip from time to time. ”
“ But if one person reads this article, sees a picture of me and Ruby and says, ‘I feel free to say who I really am’, then it was worth it. ” Jamie Lee Curtis: “I just want to support my children”
Jamie Lee Curtis, in recounting the journey of her trans sons, is keen to specify: “I am not proselytizing and I am not trying to force-feed something in people. I’m just saying, ‘This is our family’s experience.’ I’m here to support Ruby. This is my job. So how to take care, love and support her older sister Annie in her travels ” Jamie Lee Curtis, talks about her daughter Ruby about her:” You did the best “
Ruby tells about her journey and how the mother of she has always supported her. Nobody knew anything about me, I’ve done my best so far to stay out of the spotlight. But now I’m happy to talk about my experiences. It is useful to come out in the open
Yes. For example, people will still remember me for who I was, but they finally get to see who I have always been, on the inside, and now I can finally show it on the outside. But my coming out has nothing to do with my mom being famous
. And to her mother: “ You did the best you could , and that’s all I want. Helping others is something everyone should do. I don’t think it’s just ours. It should be human. ”
Jamie Lee Curtis and his daughter Ruby on People

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