In these sporting events the emotions are great and yesterday’s challenge makes us particularly happy, given that Italy goes to the Final of the 2020 European Championships . At the Wembley Stadium in London , a battle between two teams is aired, giving their all for 120 minutes, before taking on penalties. Spain
plays better, driven by an irrepressible Dani Olmo ; Italy , on the other hand, took the lead thanks to a good move by the Church and was joined by Morataat 80 ‘but has the merit of continuing to fight in difficulties, without ever giving up. In football, in addition to technical values, character values ‚Äč‚Äčalso count and Mancini ‘s team tonight proves to have a great personality and a great cohesion of the group.
Statistics show that the Red Furies have possession of the ball 65% of the time and have become more dangerous but a cynical Italy flies to the final, eliminating Luis Enrique’s team.

Italy in the 2020 European Final – The Match
Italy starts well but Spainhe immediately took over the reins of the game and, unlike the other games, this time the Spaniards are very concentrated even behind and make little mistakes. Luis Enrique leaves Morata on the bench by surprise and this move creates problems for the Italian defense that does not find any reference points.

Barella starts strong at the start, taking a post but the action is spoiled by an offside; Spain, however , reacted immediately, with Pedri fishing only in the Oyarzabal area; who, fortunately, misses the first check and allows Emerson Palmieri to recover. At minute 20, in one of the few combinations between Emerson and Insigne, the ball reaches Barella who fails to kick into the empty goal. Spain, however, continues to grind
the game and at 25 ‘is dangerous with Olmo , who kicks on goal from a good position, after a lucky rebound; Donnarumma, however, denies him the joy of scoring with a splendid save. At the end of the first half, then, another good action from Italy with Emersone and Insigne ends on the crossbar, after a shot from the full-back.
The second half begins with the same script and Busquets becomes dangerous at the start, shooting slightly high; Italy responds with a beautiful action between Insigne, Barella and Chiesa,who pulls diagonally but the goalkeeper is good at blocking. At 60 ‘ Italy bases a masterful action, with Donnarumma serving Verratti , who launches Insigne who, verticalizes on Immobile in depth; the Spanish defense rejects but the ball goes to Chiesa ‘s feet . Juventino jumps an opponent and scores a fantastic goal, breaking the balance of the match.

Luis Enrique runs for cover and enters Morata and Spain , shortly after, and dangerous with Oyarzabal , who, alone in front of the goalkeeper, misses the ball by very little. Mancini ‘s teamdefends himself and starts on the counterattack and could close it with Berardi, splendidly served by Chiesa ; the Calabrian striker, however, shoots in a weak way and does not see Palmieri who is taking over from the opposite side. At minute 80 there is a cold shower for Mancini because Spain draws after a nice triangle between Olmo and Morata , who beats Donnarumma. On this occasion, Chiellini gets cut out even if credit must be given to the Juventino striker who has a very quick pace.
In extra time Spain continues to play better and becomes dangerous on a free kick but Donnarummarejects and the ball, after a hit and hit, ends out. In the second half, Berardi scores a beautiful goal but unfortunately starts in an irregular position and then goes to penalties. On penalties, contrary to what usually happens, Italy wins and reaches the final of the 2020 European Championships on 11 July, again at Wembley .

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