In the second match of group A, Italy beat Switzerland at the 2020 European Championships , playing very well and scoring 3 goals. The Azzurri victory is deserved and Mancini ‘s national team proves more and more every day that it is a very cohesive and compact group, which can compete with anyone. Switzerland is thirteenth in the ranking of the national teams and therefore this great show of strength does not derive from the weak opponent but from the fact that Italy is mature, strong and determined to win all the games.
The Olympic in Rome , once again, brings luck to the Azzurri and spectators from all over the world give credit to this great team, which wins, does not suffer and plays very well. L’Italy is now qualified for the round of 16 and, winning with Wales, would come first; the goal undermines and in any case, with full merit, achieved and we hope that we continue to play in this way.

Italy beats Switzerland at the 2020 European Championships – The Match
Italy does not start well and, in the first few minutes, struggles to get out of the half field because Switzerland presses a lot and puts the Azzurri in difficulty; in the 10th minute, however, Spinazzola makes it clear who is in charge of that band and serves Immobile , which drives him out of his mind. Shortly after, on a corner kick, Chielliniscores but the Russian referee rightly cancels for a touch of the hand; shortly after the same defender comes out with an injury and Acerbi enters his place.
At 25 ′ Berardi breaks the delay, jumps Rodriguez and puts a nice ball in the middle on which Locatelli pounces like a hawk and scores the first goal of the game. For the rest of the first half, Switzerland is not received and Italy continues to attack, with a Spinazzola in the Roberto Carlos version that appears literally unstoppable and irrepressible.
The second half begins in the same way and the national team is almost always in the opposing half field. After a good exchange with Barella , Locatelli kicks from outside the box and doubles, closing the match at the beginning of the second half. At 63 ‘there is the first dangerous opportunity for Switzerland but Donnarumma neutralizes Zuber ‘s shot . In the second half, the Swiss play a little better than in the first half but Mancini changes the form and takes sides with the 5-3-2, after various changes; anyway and always Italywho directs the games and Immobile wastes two very tasty opportunities. At 88 ‘, following a positive transition, with the ball recovered on the Swiss trocar, Immobile shoots from outside the area and scores the final 3-0 goal.
One of the best characteristics of this national team is the rapidity of the recovery of the ball and, even if Italy did not obtain a predominance in ball possession, they often played near the opponent’s goal.

The protagonists The
whole team appears healthy and aware of their means but there are those who stand out in a particular way in this match against their Swiss cousins. The best and definitely Locatelli, author of a brace and a splendid match for the entire 90 minutes; most likely several teams will look for him in the coming months.

Spinazzola was devastating in the first half, as in the first match against Turkey ; almost always the man jumps and puts some very interesting balls in the middle. In the second half he takes a little breath and limits the bucking but still holds up well and he doesn’t pass by. Berardi is the author of another superlative test and propitious the first goal by jumping the winger Rodriguezto allow his clubmate to score 1 to 0. Sometimes he is too impetuous but he is showing that he is mature and ready to play these important games. We must also remember the great tests of Barella, Jorginho and Di Lorenzo , who plays from the beginning and is very strong.

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