The temperature of the sperm falls within the parameters that establish its quality.
Generally the sperm is more or less hot, but the opposite could happen if you are exposed in a very cold place. This obviously depends on the testicles, which may be in a cold environment without being well protected.
The testicles are in an exposed and vulnerable position outside the body for a reason. This is because for an optimal production of sperm, the testicles must be characterized by a temperature that is between 3.5 and 7 degrees cooler than the internal temperature of the body. Elevated scrotal temperatures have been found to negatively impact sperm production through multiple mechanisms, including apoptosis (programmed cell death) of spermatogenic cells, increased oxidative stress, and damage to sperm DNA. Further evidence of an impact of heat on sperm quality is well documented by the decrease in sperm density in men around the world during the summer months.
This is why it is very important to also know yourself, your body, and how the male sex works. Because I have cold sperm

  • Because I have cold sperm
  • My sperm is cold: it’s serious
  • What are the consequences of cold sperm
  • There are solutions to get hotter sperm

The body has many effective mechanisms for maintaining scrotal temperature at ideal levels, and can handle most changes in temperature related to time and exercise.
In general, for each degree of increase in ambient temperature, the scrotal temperature only increases by one-tenth. However, despite these effective mechanisms, the testes can be exposed to amounts of heat that cause fertility problems. My sperm is cold: it’s serious
Sperm are some of the most sensitive cells in the body. Not only do they need a toxin-free environment and a very specific set of vitamins, they are also incredibly sensitive to temperature. In fact, spermatozoa are so sensitive to temperature variations; in fact, they are found outside the body, precisely to preserve the sperm from a body temperature lower than the ideal one.
Therefore, in fairly cold environmental conditions, it is possible that the sperm will be affected. So this is not at all serious, but it is a circumstance that can happen from time to time, if you are in cold places. Obviously, if this persists, then it would be better to talk to your doctor to investigate.What are the consequences of cold
sperm? Sperm may lose its qualities, meaning that if you are trying to have a baby, it may not work. Obviously, these are very sporadic episodes, in which this problem is felt. If it continues over time, or if you notice a particularly low temperature of your sperm without being exposed to equally low temperatures, you should consult a doctor.
Temperature has been found to play a role in sperm production, but it is generally higher temperatures that damage sperm. Prolonged high temperatures, such as those found in saunas, can reduce motility or sperm count. Likewise, sperm concentration can drop by up to 32% after a man has a fever, according to a study by Human Reproduction.
Extreme and prolonged exposure to heat can have significant effects on sperm health. There are solutions to get hotter sperm
As we have already said, cold sperm – and by cold, however, we mean that it is at a temperature below the normal one, that is about 37 degrees – can be perceived in certain environmental circumstances, in which it is very cold and it is exposed to low temperatures, perhaps because they are not adequately covered. This is the only cause.
Generally, we worry more about high temperatures than the other way around when it comes to sperm.
In any case, it is always good to review a little anatomy on the male sex, also in order not to alarm us in some cases, like this one.

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