If there is an appliance that has been all the rage in recent days, it is the Lidl 1800W shirt and blouse ironer.Listed as the star product of its catalogue, this device has managed to revolutionize the ironing sector by turning this task into a simple task that does not involve any type of effort. In addition, thanks to its design, its use does not imply any type of possibility that our clothes will burn.
At a price of 59.99 euros, the Lidl Cleanmaxx 1800 W mannequin allows you to have your clothes ready in just ten minutes. The only bad thing about this new product marketed by the Teutonic brand is that it is out of stock,both in online store and in physical store. However, Amazon brings us the perfect substitute so that we do not miss the purchase of the popular ironer, we are talking about the Philips EasyTouch Plus GC524/60, a vertical iron that offers the same results now with a greater discount.

Covers more fabric in a single pass

One of the most outstanding features of this Philips iron, which we can find on Amazon’s online platform, is that thanks to the size of its steam plate,25% larger than previous models, more fabric can be covered in a single pass, applying steam more efficiently than other models on the market. In addition, it has up to five steam levels to allow us to iron different types of garments. Its sale price is 99.99 euros and, thanks to the current Amazon promotion, you can get it for only 69.99 euros, achieving savings of up to 30%.
Its design includes a garment hanger that will allow us to hang garments such as shirts or pants so that we can use the steamer on them. It has been created to facilitate the elimination of all types of wrinkles on a daily basis without any type of effort. He is also theideal device for quick touch-ups on the go or for smoothing garments made of delicate and difficult to iron fabrics. With your purchase, a glove is included that protects our hands from the steam application process, as well as a pleating accessory that manages to reach the folds, leaving them more perfect.
The Philips brand recommends using a brush for thicker garments, such as coats or scarves, to ensure that the steam penetrates more efficiently and the finish is smoother. This EasyTouch Plus vaporizer has a large removable and transparent water tankto control the level of liquid that we have during our steam sessions. It has an opening to fill it easily without spilling water on the garments or the ironing center.
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