Hollywood is on fire. Fans are boiling with wishes that the romance between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the movie A Star Is Born becomes a reality and, after their tender performance together at the last Oscar ceremony, rumors that between the singer and the actor and director sparks fly, they have increased. The chemistry between the two is obvious and his recent breakup with Irina Shayk, the mother of his daughter , has only added fuel to the fire. Now it is In Touch magazine that has published that Lady Gaga is expecting a child from Cooper,news that none of the protagonists has confirmed yet but it will be seen if it is true or not, inevitably, with the passage of time.
Everyone says that Gaga is radiant and hiding her pregnant belly . Of course, the only person who could be the father is Bradley. We are waiting for her to make the formal announcement”, collects one of the statements noted by the quoted medium in the voice of a supposed close friend of the couple.In addition, the cover of the magazine even announces exclusive information about the strategies of both to see each other secretly in recent months and that, always according to this medium, what they do not have it’s still wedding plans.The news has spread like wildfire on social networks and the rest of the US media have already echoed it.
Bradley Cooper broke up a few weeks ago with the Russian model Irina Shayk after four years of relationship and a daughter in common. All eyes then fell on Lady Gaga, which many media blamed for this separation. The three involved became a topic of conversation for days, until the artist herself stood up and decided to speak out about it, denying the alleged affair in one of her last concerts. The relationship has never been confirmed, rather the opposite, Well, the singer recognized that that famous performance at the Dolby Theater was a theater to promote the movie. “When you sing love songs that’s what you want people to feel. I’m an artist and I think we did a good job,” Gaga said a few days after the Oscars on Jimmy Kimmel’s television show. If she is pregnant and if hers with Bradley Cooper is love, this situation could complicate his divorce and the fight she has just started for custody of her daughter Lea de Ella.

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