You have followed the tradition for years. Every Christmas you do the raffle and prepare with enthusiasm the gift of the invisible friend . It is not easy to find the perfect date in which you all agree to give each other gifts, but every year becomes a special moment.
Usually it coincides with the Christmas meal, that for which you have bought the super black velvet dress and in which you will mark one of the best Christmas looks (not every day you are lucky enough to agree on the time of stay your friends and you). Although the same in your gang you are more of Christmas sweaters, which we find adorable.
Be that as it may, you have managed to agree and now it’s time to findthe best gift for the invisible friend . You can not miss, accompanying this Christmas tradition, the stress of not being very clear about what will make the friend who touched you the most excited. A fragrance from one of the new perfume collections that are going on sale these days, a scarf… You know your whole group well, but you’re looking forward to finding the key and being able to enjoy a face full of surprise and joy when you deliver the giftAlthough that is not always an easy task.
The key to a successful secret friend among friends is to know the tastes of the person to whom you should give a gift. Get out of your comfort zone and take risks with a fun and original giftor that your friend does not wait, it is also a good option to differentiate this year’s gift.
If, even though you’ve known your soulmate for years, it’s hard for you to choose the perfect gift for her, it’s your lucky day. We have 7 affordable and original gift ideas to give to your invisible friend this year and leave not only her but your whole group speechless.

Special jewels, give unique pieces to get right

Jewels are always a successful gift, especially if your friend is flirty and usually wears accessories. Of course, to hit the nail on the head, the ideal is to post for a piece that is not basic at all; that she does not have, but that she can love. Verite jewels are a sure hit, we especially love this green stone necklace to give your invisible friend a special, handmade and super elegant piece.

Wall calendar, the perfect gift for the most organized

The new year is just around the corner and you wish the best for your invisible friend in 2022 . You know that he loves to organize plans ahead of time and you want him to remember you all year long, so a wall calendar is the perfect gift.. Bet on a special one, with illustrations or images that you think they will love. Raquel Feria’s Garden Calendar 2022 is perfect for your friend to start each month of the year with a special illustration.

Mugs, the cliche gift of the invisible friend… or not

Giving mugs is a topic of the invisible friend, but a topic that we love. If your friend is a coffee lover, has recently moved, or loves to go camping, this gift is perfect for her . Of course, do not fall into the typical boring cup , take advantage of this opportunity to buy an original and handmade product. These enameled steel mugs from La Sentia are ideal for surprising your invisible friend with a unique gift.

Party bags, the ideal accessory to give as gifts this Christmas

Christmas is coming, and you, who know your friend better than anyone, know that she loves to be cute at all dinners, get-togethers and parties. You would like to find a perfect complement for her , but you do not find the right one. Giving away a bag can never fail, and this one by Paco Martinez, metallic and shiny, is great for your friend to attend all of her events looking spectacular and showing off what a good invisible friend you are.

Original tote-bags, the perfect gift for your most alternative friend
Giving a bag seemed like a very good idea to you, but your invisible friend is not so into glitter. Her style is very different from the rest of the group and you don’t know what to give her because she likes everything and she doesn’t like anything. Don’t worry, with one of Mirada Libre’s tote-bags you’ll be right for sure. Her designs are bold, colorful and out of the ordinary , just like your friend. Choose your favorite model from the collection and crown yourself as the best invisible friend.

Moments of relaxation, give the perfect kit to take care

of herself If your friend spends hours taking care of her skin, immersed in the bathtub, and loves discovering new bath products, it is clear what you should give him this year: a kit so that he can enjoy relaxing. La Jaboteca has all kinds of products for you to succeed with your gift, and even offers you the option of ordering a set already designed so that you can choose, with total ease, the one that your friend may like the most. This kit of 3 glycerin soaps is ideal to give moments of relaxation , and succeed with your choice.

Illustrated book, how to succeed with your reading friend

Your friend is an inveterate reader, it is difficult for her not to like the book you choose with her in mind. If you really want to surprise her, but she reads so much that it is not easy to find a book that she has not read , she chooses to give her an illustrated edition of one of her favorite classics.. This edition of One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Garcia Marquez, with illustrations by Luisa Rivera , seems perfect to us as a present of timeless literature.

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