The name of Vincenzo Nibali is a certainty in the world of cycling. But what plans does the cyclist have for next year?
And what he was asked in a recent interview where he gets naked talking about his goals and taking stock of this past year.
Here he is, after one of his public appearances at the first edition of the Arab Business forum of the Milan Chamber of Commerce, talking about himself in a completely frank way and even giving himself marks as in school!
The vote for my season
I do not say the maximum, but an eight and a half, I would say 9, there is everything
And in fact how to blame him
He closes the season with excellent results: he managed to finish third in the Giro d’Italia, second in the Vuelta and even first in the Giro di Lombardia.
A year full of satisfactions that is coming to an end and, therefore, time not only to take stock but also to look to the future. For 2018 it is still early, according to the cyclist, to express himself on what will see him as the protagonist. But he doesn’t seem to have doubts about one thing: Nibali is aiming for the World Cup in Innsbruck.
Surely he will also take part in the Vuelta, but for him it is a passing stage, because all his attention at the moment is aimed at preparing for the world competition.
He knows, however, that it will not be easy to compete with opponents of the caliber of Sagan, Dumoulin and Froome.
Here is how he expresses himself about this with reporters in a piece of his interview:

Froome and an obsession
“No, he is an important opponent. In the last Vuelta he had a great team and he was finishing on the short, explosive finals. At the Tour I saw on TV that he made the most important gaps in the time trial. An encore at the Tour would be a dream for me ”.

And Dumoulin
He is stronger in the Giro or you are not at the top

“More him. At the time trial he was even stronger than Froome, he looked like the Indurain of the good times ”.
No doubt about the determination and grit that “the shark” puts in place when he competes: the competition only serves to stimulate him to give his best and aim higher and higher, as he has always done up to now. Flanders
toothey are probably among his projects, but the cyclist avoids commenting on them: he does not yet know if he will have the desire and time, but certainly suggests that the possibility is quite tempting.
Meanwhile, Nibali has an operation scheduled for the end of the month to remove the osteosynthesis in his left collarbone, but he doesn’t seem worried at all. Indeed, he enjoys the dinners and celebrations in his honor for the victory of the Lombard Giro and he already knows that he will be back in a hurry to train on his bike to be ready to compete very soon.
Meanwhile, he enjoys a well-deserved rest and dedicates himself to his passions, such as football: the interview ends with a prediction for the derby match between Milan and Inter and he does not hide his preference for the Rossoneri from the journalists.

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