This Christmas will be the reunion party. Around the table we will sit this year to eat and drink but, above all, to celebrate the pleasure of being together like never before. To toast to a better future , Jose Coronado and his son Nicolas propose a glass of Cardhu, the single malt whisky.

-Is this the first time they’ve worked together

-Jose: Yes, it’s the first time we’ve done something audiovisual. We have done dubbing, but this is the first time we share a plane.

-And the experience has been positive
-J: Yes, a lot. It has been very easy because we make ourselves. As soon as we get into the truth and what we want to convey with this campaign, which is to share moments and celebrate relationships that last, it’s very easy. Obviously, drinking from your child’s eyes brings out your best thoughts.
-N: The best moments are the ones you share with the people you love.

-I don’t know if they are whiskey drinkers… do they prefer it alone or accompanied

-J: Yes, I’ve had my times (laughs). I’ve been through different drinks, but whiskey has always been among my favorites. And, of course, Cardhu is the creme de la creme of whiskies.
-N: I needed this occasion for my father to sit me down and have our first whiskey together.

-Who would you have this drink with
, who would be the perfect company

-J: Apart from how delicious Cardhu’s taste and texture is, I think the most important thing is the fact of sharing a moment with a loved one.
-N: I could tell you historical or famous people but in the end it is with your family.

-Nicolas, what is it like to have the surname Coronado

-N: Wonderful. I think that our acting profession has good and not so good things. There is always interest in seeing how well you do, but they also assume that you are going to do very well because the bar is very high. On the one hand, I love this surname and, on the other hand, I try to make it my own.

-What memories do you have of ‘MasterChef’
Are you still in contact with your old colleagues

-N: Yes! We have a very large WhatsApp group and we share recipes and tricks… When you go through MasterChef you become a great gastronomic critic.

-Jose, you have just released two movies, ‘The Perfect Family’ and ‘Way Down’. What is the ‘perfect family’ like for you

-N: The perfect family is like couples; The closest people make us a mirror, both for the good and for the bad. I think this must be in the family, that trust, let them act as a mirror and learn from it. Those who are closest are those who tell you the truth.
-J: Yes, I believe that the perfect family is the one that respects itself, the one that accepts you as you are, and that they are in the good times and the bad. But fundamentally, I think it’s respect.

Do you think they are the perfect father and son
-J: No, by God! (laughs).
-N: No, but we have a very good complicity. I feel very lucky because it is true that not all parents and children have a friendship to become involved and tell each other things. I went to live with my father when I was 10 years old and he was immediately my friend and he told him everything.
-J: It’s true… (laughs).

-Christmas is approaching, who do you most want to see this year that you couldn’t see in the past

-J: Me, my mother above all; She is 95 years old and I have been able to see her little in the last year and a half.
-N: Yes, I to my mother and my sister too. Since I’ve been on MasterChef, I love hosting.

-Do you have any custom that you couldn’t do last year due to the pandemic that you would like to recover
-J: To me, for example, I would like to recover some trip that we did at Christmas. One year, for example, we went to Jamaica and spent Christmas dancing on the beach in our swimsuits. For me it was a very special Christmas and, for that reason, they did not stop being loving. I liked living Christmas with the same spirit of love and sharing, but dancing samba on the beach. It was one of those moments that will stay forever in my memory.
-N: We are very homely, but we all like traveling and it feeds our soul.

-Do you like Christmas

-J: They stress me a little because of the demands, the obligation to give gifts, to be good, to love. I always say that you have to do it all year long, that you don’t have to wait for Christmas.
-N: I totally agree with you, but it is true that we are so absorbed by our work and others, that in the end we are limiting and Christmas is what we have left.
-J: All feelings are very close to the surface at this time and when a mass experiences something, it takes you and infects you. What I’m saying is why don’t we keep this up all year
But hey, blessed Christmas…

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