Who said that modern rhymes with coldness and seriousness
The new interior design ideas for modern kitchens are proof that it is possible to combine style and functionality with the warmth that befits one of the most intimate and cheerful places in the whole home. It is the environment where the magic of what you create mixes with the laughter of your family, and the place where you love to take refuge to give free rein to your imagination.
The kitchen is the spearhead of interior design and must be carefully designed to suit personal taste and new stylistic trends. The modern kitchen is a kitchen where interior designit finds its most authentic expression because it binds aesthetics with a thin invisible thread to the practicality required by everyday life. Materials and colors blend to create a unique and unrepeatable environment. The simplicity of neutral tones is the strong point of the interiors of modern kitchens. Focus on black, anthracite gray or timeless white to play the card of the bright color with accessories. The small color contrasts will give that touch of cheerful sobriety that distinguishes this type of furniture.
The winning idea
Consider your space as a puzzle where the individual tiles are represented by the floor, the color of the walls, the furniture and the individual objects you decide to display. To be sure not to make a mistake, consult online or ask your trusted professional for the tables of color combinations, perfect for combining the most original complementary shades with a dominant color.
Modern kitchens and interior design are linked by a fundamental element, the choice of material.Steel is the great protagonist of the contemporary space, perfect for you who love clean and essential lines. Match it with a white or black resin floor for a high impact color effect. And if your idea of ​​style is close to industrial atmospheres, elegantly mix metal with the warmth of wood to have a modern kitchen with great personality. You don’t want to give up a touch of vintage
Choose stone or slate, the right compromise for an environment where modernity skilfully plays with tradition. If space allows and you have a modern open space kitchen, choose to give your environment the character and scenic presence of the peninsula, perfect for cooking, eating or drinking an aperitif with your friends. With the right lighting it will be able to create movement and harmony with your living room. The available square meters are few
Play to make the worktop functional but pleasant, choosing materials such as metal or polished granite, skilled interpreters of a modern space of great impact.
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