The summer season is one of the seasons of the year in which we dedicate more time to skin care.Not surprisingly, high temperatures and prolonged sun exposure cause serious effects on the skin and extreme caution must be exercised. Excessive sun rays are one of the main causes of photoaging, with consequences such as an increase in spots, sagging or wrinkles;as well as sunburn that can even lead to skin cancer.
Therefore, in addition to adequate sun protection , taking care of our skin is this summer season. Aware of this, and of the ravages of the sun, Mercadona launches a new line of products to achieve a solution to expression lines and wrinkles without having to resort to Botox.We are talking about the new facial spray from the Valencian company, which provides great results at a much lower cost than if we had to resort to the well-known aesthetic technique.

Facial ‘botox effect’

With the appearance of the first facial wrinkles and the well-known marks of expression lines, it is time to reconsider the possible solutions that we have within our reach. Many users opt for the aesthetic technique of botoxbut, in addition to its high price, there is a large part of the population that is not in favor of performing these techniques. For this reason, Mercadona puts on sale a new facial spray that has already become a bestseller in all the company’s physical establishments.
The new facial spray is under the patronage of the Deliplus own brand and is marketed under the name Spray Flash.The treatment consists of ampoules that hydrate and tighten our face so that it looks instantly brighter and firmer.
Deliplus Flash Spray is sold in a box with two 4 ml units of product at a price of 2.25 euros.You can also use this product as many times as you need since the ampoules are presented in spray format.
Its use must be done before applying makeup on a completely clean face. Its application is really simple: we only have to apply the product with gentle massages on the face, approximately up to the neck area, avoiding only the eye areas. After a few minutes for our skin to absorb the spray, we can then use our usual treatment. We can also proceed to put on makeup as usual.

Deliplus continues to make a name for itself among the most prominent brands both for its quality and its price. Another of the products that is monopolizing more sales is theSun Party line, whose lipstick with a tattoo effect is already viral on all social networks thanks to its characteristics.

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