The quality of sleep has a fundamental impact on the health of the organism , especially on psychophysical health . If you sleep little and very likely feel tired during the day, debilitated both physically and mentally, compromising the state of well-being of the mind. On the other hand, the conditions of stress and psychological health can alter and compromise the night’s rest. Sleep and mental well -being are strongly linked. It is important to eliminate sources of stress to improve sleep health. Anxiety itself has many

physical symptoms that we can recognize. These symptoms are the wake-up call that our psychological health is not the best:

  • We may feel tired and fatigued, with a persistent headache .
  • Muscle tension is acute , up to real tremors .
  • You may lose your appetite and have difficulty eating and swallowing .
  • Mood swings are sudden and not always motivated.
  • Body temperature undergoes sudden changes.

How to eliminate anxiety and improve sleep
The first step to overcome the symptoms of anxiety and recognize the problem: doing many activities to “shake” from a depressive state is not always useful to improve our state of health. It is important to consider consulting a doctor or psychologist to address the issue if good practices fail to work to relieve anxiety.

  1. The accumulated anxiety: release it with physical activity

Anxiety often involves physical stiffness and muscle twitching. One of the solutions is to practice a sport that helps us eliminate anxiety disorders by stimulating the production of endorphins, the substances responsible for good mood.

  1. No more alcohol and cigarettes

To sleep well and eliminate anxiety, it is important to give a rhythm not only to daily activities but also to your body: alcohol complicates mental activity and negatively affects sleep health. Cigarettes stimulate synaptic activity and are a vasoconstrictor, altering the normal cerebral microcirculation: Mens sana in corpore sano, so just smoke and drink alcohol in the evening.

  1. Release fears and fears

Do not always rack your mind on the same thoughts: often anxiety is only the result of excessive and often unfounded worries . Talk to someone you know will listen to you and vent your fears and fears . Often it is enough to consider another point of view to see things from the right perspective and eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety .

  1. Try natural ingredients for sleep and mood enhancement

We can try to improve the state of health of our mind with the extracts of some plants able to promote the right relaxation in case of stress and depressive states , promoting mental well -being and correct brain functions, including falling asleep. Natural remedies such as magnolia, hops, magnesium, lavender and lemon balm can be very useful to promote relaxation, sleep at night and to alleviate anxiety. Against depression, however, St. John’s wort is more recommended , a natural remedy for the health of your mind. To specifically improve the quality of sleep there is also melatonin , a substance naturally produced by our body and which has the task of inducing sleep by stimulating the relaxation of the synapses .
Integrating the body with melatonin is an effective remedy for stress , jet lag and sleep disorders in general.

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