The review of the protagonists of Italy’s victory of Euro2020 begins , starting from Insigne and his History of the 2020 European Championship . tiraggir ‘; the shot of him with effect to return, which also hit on the occasion of the continental football event making millions of Italian fans cheer.
His first call-up dates back to 2 September 2012, on the occasion of qualifying matches for the 2014 World Cup . In that circumstance, the technical commissioner Prandelli decides to call him for the double confrontation withBulgaria and Malta ; in the match against the Maltese on 11 September, the coach made him debut while the match was in progress. With the blue shirt, Insigne plays 47 games, seasoned with 10 goals, the last of which contributed to the triumph of Euro 2020.

Insigne History of the 2020 European Championship – Mancini’s journey with Italy

Euro 2020 qualifiers
After the resounding failure of Ventura , which culminated in the failure of Italy to qualify for the Russia 2018 World Cup , Mancini took over in May 2018; the declared objective is to relaunch the national team. The new coach decides to bet strongly on Insigneand makes him a fundamental pawn of the team, both for the contribution in the construction of the game and for the realization phase. The first appearance of the Neapolitan in the blue jersey with Mancini , in the friendly against the Netherlands
, dates back to 4 June 2018 . In the Euro 2020 qualifiers , the Neapolitan attacking winger plays 4 games scoring 3 goals against Greece and in the two matches against Bosnia ; thanks also to him, therefore, Italy achieves the minimum objective of participation of its participation in the maximum continental competition, after the defeat of Ventura . Mancini ‘s pathand a splendid triumphal march and his team wins all 10 matches in group J, which lead to the European Championships.

Nations League 2020-2021

Insigne, who has now become a pivot of the team, also participates in the Nations League 2020-2021 , disputing 4 races, in which he never scores. However, he contributes to reaching the semifinal with Spain, which he plays on Wednesday 6 October 2021 and is one of the main architects of Italy’s rise to the top of the world of football.

Insigne History of the 2020 European Championship – Euro 2020
In the Euro 2020 matches of Italy , Insigne is stationed in the area to the left of the blue attack, playing 6 out of 7 games as a starter; he only rests against theWales , for the massive turnover of Italy in the round of 16 already won. Mancini ‘s scheme is the 4-3-3, which is the tactical set-up in which the Neapolitan striker found himself better, also thanks to the past with Maurizio Sarri. In the opening match at the Olympic
stadium in Rome against Turkey , Insigne starts off as a left attacking winger; the advanced department is completed with Ciro Immobile as the central point and Domenico Berardi on the right side. Italy _he imposes his own game from the beginning but in the first half he doesn’t find many spaces; in the second half, however, the actions are countless and the blue team is rampant. Insigne ‘s concentrations , aimed at favoring Spinazzola ‘s bucks , are a constant in the game and the left wing is a cause of great concern for the Turks.
With Italy leading by 2 to 0, following the own goal by Demiral and the goal by Immobile, Insigne concludes a beautiful action on the net marked by a series of first touches involving Berardi, Barella and Immobile. The Neapolitan puts it in with his right-footed shot, which culminates with the exultation agreed with Lino Banfi.
The match against Switzerland saw a total domination by the Azzurri from start to finish and another clear 3-0 victory, again at the Olimpico in our capital; in this challenge the Azzurri risk nothing and Insigne reconfirms a very high level performance, like the one against Turkey . His movements towards the center and between the lines do not give points of reference to the opponents and allow Spinazzola to find large spaces.
The match against Austria is very tough, given that the opponents, especially in the second half, show their physical and athletic predominance. In extra time the Azzurri unlock it with Chiesa and Pessina. Distinguished and less brilliant than the other occasions, given that he suffers from the suffocating pressure and the physicality of the opponents. Nonetheless, he is the author of some ideas, including a free kick towards the intersection where the goalkeeper is miraculous and contributes to the second blue goal.
His best performance is undoubtedly the one against Belgium ; on that occasion, Italy dominated one of the favorite teams to win the cup and deservedly won 2-1. In the match that sees Spinazzola ‘s injury , with whom the number 10 talked wonderfully, Insigne scores one of the best goals of the European Championship, with a nice right foot from the frontline that gives Courtois no escape . Belgium creates some dangerous opportunities but theItaly holds and goes to the semifinals. Below is the beautiful goal from Insigne , certainly the best in the match in the quarter-finals, which repeats Barella’s other masterpiece goal. Spain proves to be
the toughest opponent and, perhaps, the best team of the tournament; and, in fact, the only team that puts Italy in serious trouble and plays better than the Azzurri in the semifinal. In this very difficult match due to the possession of the ball almost always held by the opponents, Insigne is one of the few Azzurri who manages to build a game. He inspires Emerson Palmieri on a couple of occasions, sacrifices himself in retreat and serves Immobile in a masterly way in the action that will lead to Chiesa’s goal.
The Italy-England Final sees, however, the predominance of the Italians, who, despite Shaw ‘s cold goal , draw and then win on penalties. The statistics speak of 20 shots and 61% of possession by the Azzurri. In the contest, Insigne committed the opposing goalkeeper on several occasions, including a free kick that went a little high. Mancini ‘s move to move him to the center of the attack as a false nueve during the game as a false nueve crushes even more the English who appear frightened by the Italian technical qualities. At 91 ′, exhausted, he leaves room for Belotti , after playing a decent match, even if not the best game of him.

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