More and more people decide to have a pet to make it one of the family and accompany them throughout life. In fact, it is estimated that one in four households in Spain has a pet.
Although the best known are dogs and cats, there are others such as birds that have also carved a niche in the hearts of many of us.
Today we come to talk about the lovebirds or also known as ” inseparable “. They receive this name because they are monogamous birds , that is, they pair up and stay together forever. This does not mean that you cannot have a single lovebird, of course you can have it and you will not have any problem.
These animals come from Africa and are like small parrots. They measure between 13 and 16 centimeters and the most characteristic of the lovebirds is probably their colorful fur, which can vary in blue, orange, green, gray, yellow…
They are very sociable beings and have the ability to obey and learn what they want. tell a human if they are treated well. They are diurnal birds and spend most of their time eating seeds and pipes (it is a herbivore ) and bathing.

Species of lovebirds:

Although there are about nine species of lovebirds, these are the best known:

1. Papilleros: Something very important that you should know about these birds is thatThey need a lot of attention , since they eat three times a day and cannot do it alone. Therefore, if you are ever thinking of having one, you should assess whether you have enough time to attend to it.

2. Fischeri: This is one of the smallest lovebirds of all.It differs from the others by the red color of its beak. It is usually green in color and is very close to its partner or its master, so much so that many cases have been known of specimens that have died of sadness when their partner of the opposite sex has stopped being by their side.

3. Roseicollis: Its beak is ivory and the face is red or orange.that reaches the chest. It is in this breed where we can find more mutations and variety of colors.

4. Personata : They say that they are the ideal pet for the whole family.It is native to the regions of Kenya and Tanzania. They are small and easy to maintain. Something very characteristic of them is that their heads are black and their eyes are surrounded by a large white ring. Despite being extremely affectionate with their owners, the truth is that they can become very territorial .

Their life expectancy is approximately 15 years , although there are some who have lived up to 20 due to being in captivity. Would you dare to have a pet like this in your house

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