• What are the causes of inflamed frenum and how to intervene
  • The causes of inflamed frenum
  • You also have problems with inflamed frenum
  • When to contact the specialist
  • Uro-Andrologist Dr. Francesco De Luca: professionalism by your side
    • Choose the professionalism of Dr. Francesco De Luca for problems of inflamed frenulum

What are the causes of inflamed frenulum and how to intervene
The frenulum is the flap of skin that unites the foreskin and glans. Its function is to assist in the contraction of the foreskin on the glans and its length varies from person to person. It typically rises about 8-10mm behind the urethral meatus and allows the foreskin to retract to easily uncover the glans in full.
The frenulum is inflamed and a situation that should not be underestimated because it can be a chronic condition from which problems can arise at the level of the general anatomy of the genital organ. The inflammatory process can cause problems in the sexual sphere, pain during intercourse, bleeding or even rupture of the frenulum.Causes of inflamed frenulum
Problems of the frenulum are almost always related to its length. We speak of a short frenulum when the band is too short and pain is felt during sexual intercourse. This aspect is already evident during puberty and with the first sexual experiences. The stressed frenulum can cause pain that should not be overlooked especially if it extends to the penis, foreskin and testicles.
When the frenulum is inflamed, the risk of infections increases . A short frenulum can tear and if scar tissue forms it becomes less flexible. The causes of inflamed frenum can also be other: Peyronie’s disease, phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis.
The symptoms not to be underestimated are:

  • pain in the frenulum or extended to the groin area and abdominal area
  • difficulty retracting the foreskin after an erection
  • frenulum bleeding after intercourse
  • formation of scar tissue following minor injuries produced during intercourse.

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You too have inflamed frenulum
Talk to an andrologist it could be much simpler than you think. Contact Dr. Francesco De Luca, also via Whatsapp and request an appointment immediately.

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Quando rivolgersi allo specialista
La terapia varia in base alla gravita della situazione. Per il inflamed frenulum steroid creams containing antibiotics may be useful, in severe cases it may be necessary to resort to reparative surgery by performing a frenuloplasty, a frenectomy in case of resection or with a circumcision surgery.

  • Creams are useful in the early stages of inflammation or in case of partial rupture of the frenulum.
  • Frenuloplasty is used in the case of a short frenulum and the operation consists of a transverse incision followed by a longitudinal suture. This surgery reduces the tension between the foreskin and the glans, allowing the frenulum to lengthen.
  • With circumcision surgery, the foreskin, the flap of skin that covers the glans, is totally or partially removed.

To ascertain the cause of the problem it is necessary to contact a specialist doctor who will indicate the correct therapy to follow.
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Uro-Andrologist Dr. Francesco De Luca: professionalism by your side Make
an appointment with Dr. Francesco De Luca for an andrological examination for problems of inflamed frenulum. Choosing to rely on his skills means that you will have the certainty of quality services and highly professional medical advice. Choose the professionalism of Dr. Francesco De Luca for problems of inflamed frenulum
Book now a consultation visit with the surgeon specialized in Uro-Andrology for all your types of ailments. For any necessary information, Dr. De Luca will be at your complete disposal.
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