For some time now, a current of interior design has been established, loved above all by the youngest, thanks to its creative potential and its eclecticity: we are talking about industrial chic furniture . This style has its roots in the America of the first half of the last century, when the industrial transformation led to the freeing of numerous warehouses and industrial buildings that were transformed into residential homes and large luxury apartments. The furnishings were recovered and reused, the walls and floors were worn and a little damaged and the large windows with metal frames became the openings from which to let in light and look at the outside world. And so is the industrial chic style, transforming itself over time, it has come down to us and has conquered above all young people who in the city and outside are increasingly choosing to furnish their home in an industrial chic style . In this article, we discover a lot of information on this style and how to furnish your home according to this trend, using industrial furniture :

  • Loft: the ideal environment for industrial chic furniture
  • Industrial chic furniture: furnishing with a few simple elements
  • How to create an industrial chic living room
  • The industrial chic kitchen: style and functionality

Loft: the ideal environment for industrial chic furniture Lofts are
generally open spaces of varying size originally used as warehouses or warehouses and converted into homes. The characteristic of these rooms is that they are very high, often equipped with mezzanines with metal structures and large windows from which a lot of light enters, an essential element in the industrial style .
Exposed pipes and systems , as well as brick walls or unfinished resin floors are the essential prerequisites for a perfect furnishing .industrial chic style. To complete the ensemble, you can choose exposed beams for the ceiling, iron doors and metal shelving, preferably salvaged. Objects unearthed in the flea markets such as the “door everything” of the old mechanical workshops or the filing cabinets of the administrative offices are often unique pieces that, especially the younger ones, love to choose for the industrial chic furnishings of their lofts. Industrial chic furniture: furnishing with a few simple elements
But you don’t necessarily need a loft to choose an industrial chic style of furniture , you can also resume this mood in the apartment by mixing some key elements. Primarily forto furnish a home in an industrial chic style the floor must be chosen ad hoc, opting for a perfect hard wood , concrete or resin to recreate that continuous aspect that is typical of industrial environments , foresee cracks or wear and the extra idea to enrich style. Metal and wood are the great protagonists of industrial chic style furnishings , so green light for salvaged shelving from warehouses and salvaged and irregular and rough solid wood shelves and shelves. The palette is strictly in shades of gray , brown andblack enlivened by more lively and trendy colors such as yellow , red or teal. To furnish your home in an industrial chic style, the ideal is to mix these colors creating pleasant effects thanks to the light that enters from the windows, possibly large and free of heavy curtains: the industrial chic style, in fact, includes roller or panel curtains. Light is also essential: you can alternate light bulbs with colored threads, large lamps similar to those found in the design offices but also LED tubes or floor spotlights that create a characteristic chiaroscuro effect. L’lighting must be studied with great care as it is a fundamental element of industrial chic furniture . How to create an industrial chic living room
Speaking specifically of the individual rooms, let’s see how you can furnish an industrial chic home. Let’s start with the living room , the most popular environment and also the house’s calling card for all those who come to visit us. First of all, once again, we start with the materials , in particular metal and solid wood , but also leather or imitation leather for the characteristic armchairs or large sofas, better if a little worn to give a neglected aspect typical of the structures frequented daily by workers. So green light for worn natural woods, leather armchairs with slightly worn armrests and slightly worn and scratched iron bookcases. The walls are in solid color , in beige and white alternating with darker and fuller colors or with exposed brick walls. Wallpaper is also widely used in the industrial chic living room as long as it has abstract geometric patterns.
You can add truly classy details to the industrial chic living room by rummaging through vintage flea markets . A much appreciated classic and thebarber chair to be used as an armchair or to be left alone as an ornament. Even the old metal trolleys of mechanics can be interesting complements especially if used as bottle holders or tables. If you want to dare, the old colored neon signs that can be found in many salvage furniture stores are a real treat for an industrial chic living room. Alternatively black and white prints or lithographs or old photographs are equally suitable ornaments. And next to the sofa or leather armchair, a beautiful cast iron lamp will give warmth to the whole environment. The industrial chic kitchen: style and functionality
A perfect oneindustrial chic kitchen can be built starting from a professional cast iron or chrome block , large and very functional, it can become the protagonist even in an open space. To create an impressive mix, alternatively, modular kitchens with wooden doors and pewter finishes can be chosen, perhaps to be combined with solid wood counters to be used as islands for preparing food but also for eating. Attention to detail is what distinguishes a true industrial chic kitchen: green light for recycled handles , in metal or scratched iron, but also for exposed light bulbs that illuminate the counter. For the coating of the industrial chic kitchenThe small white and glossy rectangular tiles are perfect , reminiscent of butchers’ shops, but if you want to dare by introducing a little color by playing on contrasts, you can also choose the tiles on the model of Portuguese azulejos .
The industrial chic kitchen is completed by a solid wood table , made with boards cut and left raw, with the slots filled with transparent resin and sturdy steel legs, while the chairs are strictly made of metal or wood, provided they are recovered from old restaurants. or flea markets.
The extra detail
An iceboxthat was behind a delicatessen counter or a vintage slicer left in plain sight on the counter. The industrial chic furniture really leaves a lot of room for creativity thanks to the mix of recycled elements and modern accessories that blend perfectly.

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