Indra has called the IV Indra Hack Day for next December 2 and this time it will have a virtual format.
It is an initiative for female students in their final year, or graduates with less than a year of experience, from Spanish universities of STEAM careers, that is, degrees in industrial engineering, telecommunications, computer science, aeronautics, mathematics, physics, electronics. or double degrees, provided that at least one of them is technological.
This technology and consulting company promotes female talent and its transformative power by launching a unique training and mentoring experience aimed at 100 university students.
With this experience, it intends to increase their technological vocations, showing how technology has a real impact on society at Indra, especially in terms of sustainability, and stimulating their creativity by encouraging them to propose ideas that aim to improve society through technological developments.
Following the mechanics of previous editions, the university students grouped in teams will have to propose ideas to respond to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through innovative technological solutions.
To help them in this task, they will learn from Indra experts different examples of how Indra contributes to these challenges posed by the United Nations Organization (UN) through solutions and services with an outstanding positive impact on people and the planet. Other experts will teach them how to generate innovative ideas.
Each team will also have the occasional help of women from the company itself, both young professionals and experts and company managers, who will guide them when it comes to tackling the challenges and support their proposals.
Finally, the different teams will present their ideas, with which they will aspire to win a prize .of 3,000 euros for the entire team whose idea is the winner, 1,500 euros for the second position and 500 euros for the proposal that is in third place.
Young women interested in participating in the IV Indra Hack Day can submit their candidacy until November 19 by completing the form that appears on the website , in which you can also see the bases of the event. Also, for any questions or queries you can write to the email: [email protected].

Commitment to female talent

Indra Hack Day combines Indra’s commitment to diversity and the promotion of STEAM vocations, with innovation and sustainability.
It is an initiative originated as part of Indra’s gender diversity program, which the company has been reinforcing since 2018, and which it also develops in its international subsidiaries, along with other initiatives to promote female talent: group coaching with women from the management team ; cycle “Women who inspire”; campaigns on social networks; cineforum or; projects to support women in collaboration with different foundations and associations, among others.
The initiative also shares the objectives of Indra’s program to promote technological vocations, Discovering STEAM, especially in girls and young women, making women technologists known, with and without experience, who can serve as a reference and approaching technology from a its great potential to improve the world.
Indra Hack Day is also aligned with Indra’s open innovation model and its Sustainability Policy, which seeks sustainable development and is based on the SDGs to assess the social impact of solutions and corporate policies of the company.

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