Indoor flowers are the ideal choice to give a unique and special touch to your home. According to many recent studies, in fact, those who live in close contact with plants suffer their charm and the first direct benefit and an increase in good mood. However, not everyone actually knows which type of plant to choose and in which room to place it to make it grow luxuriantly: here is the guide to the perfect choice. Flowering plants: which ones to choose for your home
There are many types of plants with flowers that can be used to furnish an apartment in a personal way: the first and perhaps best known is the cliviawhich is an evergreen that blooms every year in late winter, exhibiting lovely red and orange flowers. During the winter, it must be kept in a very bright location away from heat sources and should be watered once a week. Those with a passion for brightly colored flowers can also opt for begonia which does not require special care: if it is kept at home it needs a lot of light and water at least once a week. No less fascinating is the amarillis : a bulbous with large red, fuchsia, pink and orange flowers. Ideal to place on a piece of furniture, cultivating the plant in a pot, and recommended to create a very thin layer of clay or sand on the bottom.
Flower lovers cannot fail to be conquered also by the charm of the cyclamenwhich is one of the best known and most appreciated winter plants, thanks to its resistance to cold and the beauty of its flowers: it can be kept on the windowsill or on the terrace to give a touch of unique color. Instead, to furnish an apartment in a more classic way, you can focus on one of the most beautiful and elegant plants par excellence: the orchid. Known as a plant typical of tropical areas, during the winter it must be placed in a place where the minimum temperature is between 16/18 ° C. Its white flowers are a delight, perfect for adding a chic touch to the living room or study. Finally, ideal for the kitchen or living room, and the spatafillo, which is characterized by the beauty not only of the white flowers but also of the bright and shiny green leaves. The ideal temperature is around 21C ° and you have to keep it in a lighted room, but avoiding direct contact with sunlight: every now and then it is advisable to dust the leaves with a soft cloth, the result is a charm. Flowers and plants at home: what are the benefits
Many people today decide to surround themselves, both at home and in the office, with flowers and plants: the benefits are in everyone’s eyes. In fact, plants reconnect to nature, improve mood and furnish rooms in a personal and unique way. Also according to the principles of Feng Shuiplants bring and improve the flow of vital energy and some are better suited to perform this task: they are plants with large leaves and without thorns, which in some cases have the property of purifying the air from the pollution that comes from external. Among these, the orchid and the spatifillo stand out, but we cannot forget the jade tree and the sanseveria . Furthermore, the ancient discipline of Feng Shui recommends keeping some aromatic plants in the kitchen such as basil, mint and sage and decorating all the rooms with plants, except the bedroom: the scent will be intoxicating and relaxing at the same time. .
Choosing the flowers and plants with which to furnish your apartment should not be random: in fact, each plant must be known for its characteristics and properties and cared for in the correct way, to avoid an unnecessary waste of energy. Once you have established which are the most suitable for your environment and time, you need to think about which are the right rooms to accommodate a flower instead of another. Furnishing your home, transforming it into a green oasis, will improve the mood of those who live there, giving a magical and relaxing atmosphere . Furthermore, this type of activity is perfect for developing your creativity, letting your imagination run wild: a great benefit for the body and also for the mind.

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