On April 7, the term for the presentation of the Income Statement corresponding to 2020-2021 began. In a convulsive year marked by the pandemic, taxpayers may see the result of their declaration vary due to factors such as Ertes or being beneficiaries of the new Minimum Vital Income.
Doubts also grow around the deadlines that the Treasury has to claim or make effective the refund that corresponds to us. The Tax Agency has established deadlines, regardless of the early delivery of our return, so delays, despite the atypical year to declare, should not be cause for alarm.

Tax Agency Deadlines
For those returns, filed within the available term until June 30, 2021 , that do not have any news or are not susceptible to errors since your taxpayer is in the same situation as in previous years, your money may be available in one or two weeks after the presentation, in the account indicated to the administration
As a general rule, and based on previous declarations, the small amounts of return do not usually exceed a period of one month from the date of presentation. When the return amounts to more than 3,000 euros, these terms can be delayed.
The Tax Agency has aperiod of up to six months from the end of the presentation period, June 30, to make these returns effective. The income of the money does not usually take more than a month from the formalization of the presentation, but it is normal if this income is delayed because the Treasury has those six months of term.
On the contrary, if the accumulated delay exceeds six months , there may be some type of problem in the declaration presented. This problem may be due to an error in the data provided, which does not match what the Tax Agency has. In any case, the Treasury will contact all taxpayersholders of any error in their declaration, in order to correct them and be able to make the refund effective.
At the moment in which the declaration becomes error-free is when the Treasury will order the entry of the corresponding money for refund. It should be taken into account that if the return is outside the stipulated period of six months, the corresponding income will also be made up of a delay compensation . This compensation will start the day after the end of the stipulated period and will cover until the date on which the order is given to make the payment of the refund. A figure of 3.75% is the default interest set for this year 2021.

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