In 2021, more than 3 people died every day in the exercise of their work. They are down compared to the previous year (-3.9% compared to 2020), but still too many: well1,221 accidents with a fatal outcome presented to Inail throughout 2021. Overall, 555,236 reports of accidents at work in the year just ended were (+ 0.2% compared to 2020). 55,288 occupational pathologies reported are increasing (+ 22.8% compared to 2020). These are the main data of the quarterly Inail Bulletin, including the reports relating to covid-19 infections occurring in the workplace, or due to work and ongoing activities.
Summarizing the macro data of the complaints presented to Inail throughout 2021:

  • 555,236 reports of accidents at work in 2021
  • + 0.2% compared to 2020
  • 1,221 of which with fatal outcome
  • -3.9% compared to 2020
  • 55,288 occupational pathologies reported
  • + 22.8% compared to 2020

Reports of accidents with fatal outcome on the decrease in 2021
White deaths in 2021 decreased by almost 4% compared to the previous year, counting 1,221 victims compared to 1,270 recorded in 2020.
With reference to gender , the decrease concerns both the female down by 8.7%, with 126 complaints compared to 138 reported in the previous year, and the male component, with 1,095 complaints compared to 1,132 reported in 2020 (-3.3%).
The territorial analysis shows increases for the north east (+ 14%), for the south (+ 12.4%) and for the center (+ 5.6%). Decreases were recorded for the north west (-26.4%) and for the islands (-17.1%).
The regions showing the greatest increases are:

  • Veneto (+19 cases)
  • Puglia (+18 cases)
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia (+16 cases)
  • Umbria (+15 cases)
  • Campania (+14 cases)
  • Basilicata (+12 cases)
  • Lazio (+11 cases).

The regions showing significant decreases are:

  • Lombardy (-92 cases)
  • Calabria (-18 cases)
  • Sicily (-16 cases)
  • Brands (-14 cases)
  • Piedmont (-12 cases)
  • Liguria (-10 cases).

As regards the mode of occurrence , of the 1,221 cases recorded during the year, 973 concern accidents at work and 248 accidents while traveling. The involvement of a means of transport and 15.8% for accidents at work and 67.3% for accidents on the journey from home to work. The Covid-19 contagion as an accident at work
From March 2020 to December 2021, 191,046 reports of accidents at work from Covid-19 were reported to Inail, 16.7% of the total accident reports received in the period under review and the 3.1% of the total number of infections in Italy. And what emerges from Inail’s national accident at work sheet from Covid-19.
In addition, there are 811people who have died having contracted Covid-19 in the workplace . This is 25% of the total deaths reported since January 2020 and an incidence of 0.6% compared to the total of national deaths. In 2021, deaths are down by 57.2% compared to 2020: however, these are 243 people who died having been infected at work.

  • in 2020, one in 3 people died having contracted Covid-19 in the workplace
  • in 2021 it is one in 7

In 2021, reported cases of contagion in the workplace are down by 71.3% compared to 2020. In general, if in 2020 the average incidence of Covid-19 reports on the total of all reported accidents was of one complaint out of every four, in 2021 it dropped to one in thirteen. 68.3% of infections involved women, 31.7% men.
The analysis by profession of the injured personhighlights the category of health technicians as the one most affected by infections with 37.4% of reports (in three cases out of four are women), 82.6% of which related to nurses. Followed by social-health workers with 17.9%, doctors with 8.6%, social-assistance workers with 6.7%, administrative employees with 4.8% and unskilled personnel in the health services (auxiliary, porter, stretcher bearer) with 4.7%. The remaining personnel involved concern, among the first professional categories: cleaning service workers (2.2%), vehicle drivers (1.3%), employees in charge of checking documents and sorting and delivering mail (1, 0%), employees of security, surveillance and custody services (1.0%) and school teachers (0.9%).Injuries reported in 2021 remain constant
Accidents during the performance of one’s work activity are practically constant in 2021 compared to the previous year (+ 0.16%), counting 555,236 complaints to Inail compared to the 554,340 reported in 2020.
With with reference to gender , the increase concerns the male component with 34,070 cases more than the previous year (+ 10.6%), while the complaints of the female component are decreasing with 33,174 fewer cases (-14.2%) .
The territorial analysis shows increases of 6.4% for the north east, 5.2% for the center, 4.8% for the islands and 0.1% for the south. The north west went against the trend, with a decrease of 9.2%.
The regions showing the greatest increases are:

  • Emilia Romagna (+6,250 cases)
  • Veneto (+3,990 cases)
  • Tuscany (+2,261 almost)
  • Sicily (+1.504 cases)
  • Lazio (+1.322 cases)
  • Umbria (+1,024 cases).

The regions showing significant decreases are:

  • Lombardy (-8.509 cases)
  • Piedmont (-7,816 cases)
  • Campania (-1,684 cases).

As regards the mode of occurrence of the 555,236 cases detected in 2021, 474,847 concern accidents occurring at work, 80,389 accidents while traveling. There was a sharp increase in reports of occupational diseases
In the period January-December 2021, the reported reports of occupational diseases were 55,288, 22.80% more than in 2020, when there were 45,023.
In detail by gender, there are 2,829 more complaints for women (from 12,072 to 14,901 cases, an increase of 23.4%) and 7,436 more for men (from 32,951 to 40,378, an increase of 22.6%) .
Occupational diseaseand a pathology whose cause acts slowly and progressively on the organism. These are diseases contracted during exercise and due to risky work. However, the concurrence of non-professional causes is admitted. For occupational diseases, therefore, the opportunity to work is not enough as for accidents, but there must be a direct causal, or concausal, relationship between the occupational risk and the disease. The risk can be caused by the processing that the insured person carries out, or by the environment in which the processing itself takes place (so-called “environmental risk”).

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