There is still a bit left for Christmas , but our minds are already thinking about the best looks with which we will be a hit on such important dates. Much blame for this lies with Zara , which has already launched the perfect cheap dress for Christmas dinners and has given us long teeth. Especially now that we have already signed the basic autumn garments and we have more than assumed that short and printed dresses are the true revelation trend .
All this does nothing but invite us to think about our Christmas looks , either for dinners and lunches that have already begun to accumulate, or for the most special and marked days: Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Although withthe new discovery that we have made in Zara that of thinking about the outfit for Christmas is going to end because this is the definitive look.
Now we can say with full knowledge of the facts that Zara is ahead of Christmas with a satin suit that is to die for love . Black in color and made up of flowing trousers and a blazer with marked shoulder pads, Zara’s satin suit is that two-piece set with which, whatever you do, you will have triumphed.
With an aesthetic reminiscent of the pajama concept, the Zara suit stands out for its satin fabric and fluid cut. With a lot of fall, Zara’s satin suit is made up of a fluid blazer with a lapel collar and very marked shoulders(the spirit of the 80’s never leaves us). Although what we like most about this piece and what really gives it that special touch that Christmas looks need is its front closure with a bow.
In this way, the garment is loose around the neckline and invites us to wear a lingerie top with which to give a super sexy point to the outfit . In the case of the pants, we are talking about a high-waisted garment (the most flattering of all) and with a lot of fall, which, in short, is what gives this suit a total roll with which Zara is ahead of Christmas.
The best of all is that, being black and timeless, the signing of Zara’s satin suit is a success, since it becomes that eternal wardrobe that will save our looks forever, whether at Christmas, at an important dinner or who knows.

This is Zara’s satin suit ahead of Christmas

Composed of a blazer and fluid pants, both black, the Zara suit is that star signing with which we die of love and that, most likely, we will wear this weekend. of year.
Available from size XS to XL, the Zara suit blazer is priced at 49.95 euros. while the pants, available from size XS to XL, are priced at 29.95 euros.

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