Paloma Cuevas lived a very special day the day of the Communion of her daughter, Bianca.The youngest daughter of the designer and Enrique Ponce received the sacrament at the Cetrina estate on the same day that Paloma had her birthday. It was a very special occasion for mother and daughter, who were surrounded by friends and family on a day that could not have been more spectacular.
That is why, after waiting several days, Paloma has been revealing on her social networks – dropper that is – some details of the celebration, like the girl’s dress, and the floral theme in the background, specifically the daisies. This flower is the symbol of purity, innocence and pure love. It also symbolizes joy and natural sophistication, without ornaments or manipulations. They could be found in many places, from the vases on the table they set outside for outdoor dining, to the cake, to reminders and thanks. The girl herself, dressed in Rosa Clara , had some pinned to her hair.
The separation of a couple is always a radical change in the family, and I do not discover anything if I say that minors are generally the most vulnerable.Nerves and tension accompanied the days leading up to the family celebration, although afterwards everything developed normally, according to some of the guests about this uncomfortable reunion that, fortunately, ended without major problems.
But Ana Soria from Almeria did not fit into the equation in any way. It remains to be seen that the bullfighter’s new partner will be accepted by his daughters, and even more so by his ex.The rupture was so abrupt after more than 20 years and the exposure on the networks was too much. It goes without saying that, more than the encounter between Paloma and Enrique, that of the right-hander with his father-in-law, Victoriano ValenciaIt had to be memorable. Ponce owes much of his fame and career to his former father-in-law, his manager and champion. We will have to see what Valencia says about Ponce after his romance with the law student that still lasts. Not surprisingly, the young woman was persona non grata at the celebration ; Everything indicates that she does not even know the daughters of her boyfriend.
To this we must add the fact that Enrique Ponce has moved to Almeria with his new love, and he sees his girls little, or almost nothing.Paloma and Bianca Ponce Cuevas live with their mother in La Cetrina, in the Jaen town of Las Navas de San Juan, the scene of the First Communion of the youngest. The former couple also had a house, a gift by the way from Victoriano Valencia, in the exclusive La Finca urbanization, in Pozuelo de Alarcon. After the distribution as a result of the divorce, the stability of this family has been shattered and Paloma will never allow her daughters to be affected by their father’s wrongdoing.

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