Clashes, arrests, violence. Despite the demands of the international community in Kazikistan, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev does not back down from the hard line against dissidents. According to a statement from the KNB, the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan, the former head of the Kazakh security services and former premier Karim Masimov, was arrested for high treason . was relieved two days ago from his post, which he had held since 2016, by President Tokayev.
The Kazakh online newspaper yesterday reported the news of the arrest of Samat Abish, number two of the Kazakh security services (KNB) and nephew of Nazarbayev. The website later denied the news, claiming the source was incorrect. Yesterday a former adviser to Nazarbayev, Yermukhamet Yertysbayev, appeared on television and said that 40 minutes before the assault on Almaty airport, security forces were told to remove the cordon and move away. According to Yertysbayev, the conspirators also favored the occupation of the National Security command in Almaty.
Nazarbayev’s former adviser also said that the rioters knew where to find weapons and had been “ideologically prepared”. Yertysbayev also accused the KNB of hiding information on training camps for militiamen set up in the mountainous regions of the country. All charges for which Masimov will now be called to answer.
Meanwhile, according to reports from his press officer, the former president Nazarbayev is in the Kazakh capital, and supports the government of repression by soliciting popular support. Thus the rumors of his expulsion from the country are denied. His spokesman Aidos Ukibay said on Twitter that Nazarbayev would be in “direct contact” with President Tokayev.that Nazarbayev himself chose as his successor after his resignation in 2019. The US authorizes consulate employees to leave the country
The US State Department “approved the voluntary departure from Kazakhstan of non-emergency employees of the Consulate General of Almaty and their families”. It can be read on the website of the US State Department. “Demonstrations, protests and strikes can occur. – reads the note on the website. – These events can develop rapidly and without warning, often disrupting traffic, transport, communications and other services; such events can become violent. Citizens Americans in Kazakhstan should be aware that violent protests can have a serious impact on the ability of the US Embassy to provide consular services, including assistance to the US departing from Kazakhstan. “At the end of the extraordinary meeting of the foreign ministers of the Atlantic Alliance , the
secretary general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg , called for an end to the violence . “Human rights – he said – must be respected and that includes freedom of expression and peaceful demonstrations”.
The situation also alarms Europe . EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said she was following developments with “great concern”, while French President EmmanuelMacron asked for a de-escalation. Moscow: long phone call Tokayev-Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Kazakh counterpart Tokayev had a “long” telephone conversation on the situation in Kazakhstan. This was announced by the Kremlin, explaining that Tokayev updated Putin ” in detail ” on the situation in the country, ” underlining that the situation is evolving towards stabilization ”. Tokayev also thanked the CSTO military alliance and “in particular” Russia for their help in quelling the protests. ” The presidents exchanged views on measures to be taken to restore order to Kazakhstan, “the Kremlin said, explaining that the two leaders have decided to stay in touch”The Farnesina advises against non-essential trips to Kazakhstan
“Non-essential trips to Kazakhstan are currently not recommended”. This was stated in a note by the Farnesina, underlining that “Italy continues to follow the serious events with concern” and “renews the appeal to stop the use of force in the country”. The embassy of Italy in Nur Sultan, it adds, “has always remained operational in constant contact with the crisis unit of the Farnesina and in coordination with the other EU diplomatic missions in the country. Despite the difficulties in communications, the embassy and in contact with Italian citizens and companies in the country to provide them with any possible assistance “.

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