What it means to have low immune defenses
If we realize that we are going through a period “studded” with minor ailments and we feel more tired than usual, we can reasonably think that our immune defenses have lowered. The immune system is a complex of organs and cells. As a rule, it protects our body from harmful external agents – such as viruses and bacteria – managing to recognize them at first sight and eliminate them quickly. When there is a drop in the immune systemon the other hand, one falls ill more easily with repercussions on the general psycho-physical state and on the quality of life, which inevitably becomes poor. The defense of one’s health is a right and duty that leads us to ask ourselves what are the causes of a lowering of the immune defenses and, above all, how to strengthen the immune defenses in a weakened organism – an easy target of every pathogen. Let’s find out together in this article how to behave in the face of a drop in immune defenses and which natural supplements to use to strengthen the defenses of the immune system .

The causes of the lowering of the immune defenses
Among the non-pathological factors capable of lowering the immune defenses, there are certainly the stress and frenzy with which we are forced to live our daily lives. In fact, being always in a hurry has now become a necessity. Pressed by work commitments, family responsibilities and the time available, all the situations of the day face each other in a state of continuous tension. Even pleasant events – such as marriage or the birth of a child – are stressors that help lower our antibodies. Not to mention the painful experiences, such as grief and serious unforeseen events.
Events affecting the emotional sphere are not, however, the only cause of this weakening of the immune system. The complex “army” called to protect our body can be altered even by a simple onechange of season . The passage from one climatic condition to another, in fact, requires that the body and psyche quickly get used to often sudden changes in temperature. Not to mention the “disturbing” effect of the decrease in daylight hours when summer draws to a close and autumn days seem to arrive in the evening in the blink of an eye! In many people, these changes cause annoying alterations in the sleep-wake cycle .
There are other causes of the lowering of the immune defenses
Unfortunately yes! An inadequate diet that does not include all the essential nutrients our body – including vitamins and minerals – makes us more vulnerable to attack by pathogens. Also, onepoor sleep quality and insufficient sleep make the immune system weaker. Among the other factors that can weaken this precious defense network of the organism, there are also the abuse of alcohol and the incorrect use of drugs. If at this point you are wondering how to strengthen the immune system , our advice is to do it naturally.
Our general state of health largely depends on the ability of the immune defenses to respond to the “aggressors”. But, how to strengthen the immune system
Surely by adopting a correct lifestyle , but above all by using natural substanceswhich perform an effective protective action. Here are some examples:

  • Vitamin C. Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is a micronutrient which, in addition to playing a fundamental role as an antioxidant, stimulates the immune system by strengthening its defenses.
  • Zinc . Made up of valuable enzymes and proteins, it supports the immune system by making it work at its best. A deficiency of this trace element increases the likelihood of contracting flu and colds.
  • Echinacea . A plant with immunostimulating properties. By taking Echinacea regularly, it is possible to prevent colds that contract in the winter months, also thanks to crowded places where the transmission of viruses is easy.
  • Uncaria . Plant rich in alkaloids, triterpenes, polyphenols, mineral salts and vitamins, it belongs to the Rubiaceae family. It can be used both as a prophylaxis against colds and to combat those already in progress. This phytotherapic from South America promotes the strengthening of the immune defenses.
  • Manuka honey . The Manuka plant was born in New Zealand where, through the nectar of the shrubs, the bees produce a honey rich in methylglyoxal which helps to counteract the causes of the lowering of the immune defenses.

Among the main causes of the lowering of the immune defenses, there is the lack of one or more of these substances. However, it is possible to overcome this deficiency with specific natural supplements specially formulated for adults, children and the elderly who wish to stay healthy.

Lifestyle: some tips
The answer to the question ‘ how to strengthen the immune system ‘ contains the intake of natural products to supplement a healthy diet. However, this must be in line with the age, physical activity and gender (male or female) of the person.
For best results, however, it is advisable to keep in mind some tips that help defend against the pathogens that surround us. At the top of the list of things to stop is smoking. The reason why you shouldn’t smoke is very simple. The cigarette is among the most known causes of lowering of the immune defenses. Especially with regard to some organs such as the throat and bronchi which, in smokers, are easily attacked by viruses and bacteria.
Among the good habits to put into practice, however, we include physical exercise which, however, must not be exaggerated. As for the night’s rest, several scientific studies have found that when we are in a sleep deprivation condition, the immune system is unable to protect us at its best. It is during sleep that protective substances of the immune response (such as cytokine) are produced. Finally, we suggest you take probiotics to protect the bacterial flora of the intestine and facilitate the elimination of toxins.

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