Tonight on TV on channel 34 Il postino will be broadcast , a 1994 film directed by Michael Radford, which saw the last interpretation of Massimo Troisi, who died in his sleep just a few hours after the end of filming.
The film is inspired by the novel Il postino di Neruda (Ardiente paciencia), by the Chilean writer Antonio Skarmeta.
Let’s discover together the legacy that this cinematic masterpiece has left us. Il postino, an unforgettable film
The film, set in 1952 (unlike 1969, the year of Skarmeta’s novel) deals with the period from Neruda’s exile to his departure, and is set entirely on a small islet in Italy, inhabited by common fishermen, simple and humble . The story adapts the Skarmeta novel, with some changes in the plot.
For example, the novel is set in Isla Negra, on the coasts of Chile. This makes the parallelism between the two “south” (that of Chile and Italy) immediate, indicating that the South of the world, wherever it is, is always a place full of melancholy, where feelings related to love and nostalgia can blossom.
The plot sees Mario Ruoppolo, struggling with his new job: being a postman. And so he begins to deliver the mail to the poet Pablo Neruda every day, marveling at the large number of women who write to him. Day after day, Mario is more and more fascinated by the poet, so much so that he buys a book of his poems that he gets autographed.
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With him she learns to talk about poetry, metaphors, with the simplicity of a man of his social condition. The two never miss an opportunity to tour the island together, strengthening their friendship. Thanks to Neruda, Mario will try to enter into a relationship with his beloved, Beatrice.
Among its 5 Oscar nominations, the film won with the soundtrack of Luis Bacalov. Massimo Troisi’s will
With “Il postino”, Massimo Troisi left us one of the best versions of himself. Deep, funny, sharp, humble, with the character of Mario, Troisi brings out all the best qualities of him, making this character a real emotional testament.
Thanks to the path that Neruda and Massimo travel together, among the paths of feelings and friendship, we learn an important thing in life: there is always an underlying, hidden meaning that cannot be understood with rationality, but with experience. on your skin. Because life is a bit like poetry, both cannot but be lived. “Il postino” is not only one of the most loved films in the entire history of cinema, but a set of wise pearls to carry in our emotional baggage forever.
“When you explain it, poetry becomes banal. Better than explanations, it is the direct experience of emotions that can explain poetry to a soul willing to understand it “.
(Cit. IL POSTINO) What is love according to Massimo Troisi
Today we remember Massimo Troisi, one of the most powerful comic voices in Italian theater and cinema. We pay homage to him through one of his most famous reflections on love.
Stella Grillo

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