It is unavoidable. Unless we have won the lottery, going back to work with the arrival of September is a reality that we cannot escape. For this reason, immersed in the process of surviving the post-vacation syndrome, it is time to rethink how we are going to organize our home now that teleworking is very present when we return to the office. Most of us have chosen to make the living room our office, applying all the decoration ideas to make our living room seem larger, but now that telecommuting is an increasingly notable reality, it’s time to find the perfect desk with which to do your living room an office .
When it comes to finding the perfect desk with which to make your living room your new office, there are several aspects that you must take into account. Especially if you want this newly added element to not be out of place in the decoration of your living room and, in addition, to be the most functional (which, in the end, is what it is all about).
In that sense (and like so many other times), Ikea makes it quite easy for us . In addition to helping us with the storage of a small living room, the low cost furniture chain presents us with the perfect desk to return to teleworking and turn your living room into an office. His name is Micke, she is white and has all the ballots to become your best friend now that he has to go back to teleworking .
We all thought that after leaving our student stage behind, the desk would be one more piece of furniture in our home, an element that we would not pay attention to because we would only use it to place on the decorative elements and the clothes that accompany us in our day to day. Well no.
Now teleworking has become a reality that seems to be with us for a long time (it has come to stay), so it is time to review our concept of desk and consider that perhaps the time has come to establish our new office in our living room .
We can turn our bedroom into an office, but it is preferable not to establish our workplace in the corner of rest. If you haven’t got down to work yet, the time has come for you to book the perfect desk to turn your living room into an office and with Ikea it will be super easy and low cost.

This is the Ikea low cost desk

Under the name of Micke, the Ikea desk has a perfect size (105×50 cm) so that it becomes one more element of your living room and you can use it as an office.
A look with simple lines that looks good anywhere. It can be combined with other desks or drawer modules from the Micke series to have more work space. The practical design of the back allows you to hide the cables.
Although our favorite is the white desk, Ikea offers users four different models , with black and brown among its other color options. If you have had to adapt to this new work reality and these days you are returning to telecommuting, you should know that the Ikea desk with which to turn your living room into an office has a price of 69 euros.

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