A small room does not have to be a problem. We usually think that the size determines its decoration and it is not always like that. It is true that we try that the decoration ideas that we apply in our small room help us to make it seem bigger , that we look for allies to achieve visual effects (such as placing a multipurpose mirror in a strategic place in the room) and that we give up many elements decorative for fear of its effects. This is the case of the lamps , although after seeing the new proposal from Ikea we will never again think that they are not suitable for a small living room .
First it was his super cheap shoe rack in which to store the espadrilles and now Ikea brings out the lamp that best fits in a small living room and is only worth 15 euros . In addition to being a super cheap decorative element, the Ikea lamp seems perfect for a small room because it meets everything a lamp must do to look good in a small room.
We have already commented on it on some occasion, a small room must have vertical lamps and no screen . Vertical lines act as a vanishing point in any space, so the eye tends to follow them, leaving aside the real proportions of the room.
The vertical lampsnot only do they have that power, they also turn out to be very good allies because they take up less space. For this reason, we have always recommended not using screen lamps , since they break that verticality effect and tend to overload the space.
In that sense, the Ikea lamp meets all the requirements to be the one that best fits in a small room . It is a design that hangs from the ceiling (betting on that verticality we are talking about) and that does not have a screen that overloads the room and becomes an element that eats up the space.
Instead, the Ikea lamp has a kind of geometric structure that exposes the bulb, creating a super groundbreaking design effect, but that, in no case, influences the visual effect that it can cause in a small room. For this reason, in addition to being super cheap, the Ikea lamp is the one that best fits in a small room, because it does not give a feeling of drowning , it does not eat up space and it complies with the rule of verticality that any lamp must comply with if we want place it in a small room.
It should be noted that the Ikea lamp is black , but in the case of preferring a lampshade in another shade, it is available in white, although in black it seems to us a very avant-garde industrial roll option .

This is the Ikea lamp for 15 euros for small living rooms
Under the name of BRUNSTA / HEMMA, the perfect Ikea lamp for small living rooms is priced at 15.50 euros.

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