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You are orphans of the Azzurri and you don’t know who to cheer on at the World Cup
Here is a nice and undemanding solution: the Iceland!

According to a poll published a few days ago by an Icelandic newspaper, only 24% of respondents think that their national team will pass the first round. The remaining 76% foresees that at the end of the iron group (Argentina, Croatia and Nigeria the other components) Aron Gunnarsson and his teammates will return to their homeland… and will still be welcomed by heroes. For such a small country that just eight years ago was in 112th place in the FIFA rankings, already being there is a huge success!

With its 334,000 inhabitants, Iceland is the smallest nation to have participated in a World Cup. It is as if the Province of Livorno went to Russia. The confrontation with the inhabitants and the numbers of Italian football are pitiless.
Iceland wins this ranking by posting. The previous record belongs to Trinidad and Tobago, established in 2006, with its 1.3 million inhabitants. This is followed by Northern Ireland in 1958 (the one that wiped out Italy) with 1.4 million inhabitants in 1958, Kuwait in 1982 with 1.5 million inhabitants, Slovenia in 2002 with 2 million inhabitants and Jamaica in 1998 with 2.6 million inhabitants.

In 2010 all of Europe discovered the fury of the “Island of Ice and Fire” for the devastating eruption of the Eyjafjoll volcano.
After an endless series of tremors, the first eruption arrives on 22 March: a 500m long crack opens in the ground from which magma is thrown up to 150m high and smoke reaches 4km. On April 14, the eruption that stops continental air traffic begins, estimated to be twenty times more powerful than the previous one. Started under the glacier that covers the slopes of the volcano, it triggered a jokulhlaup: a geological term borrowed from the Icelandic to define a catastrophic flood triggered by subglacial eruptions.
European air traffic is closed from 15 to 23 April. The Barcelona players know something about this and, in order to challenge Inter in the Champions League semi-final, they have to reach Milan after 14 hours by bus. On 23 August 2014 a new eruption makes fear the worst when to “warm up” is the Bardarbunga, a system of volcanoes under the largest glacier in Europe, the Vatnajokull. The alarm returns after one day.

An anomalous birth boom occurred on the island at the end of March 2017. The mystery was quickly uncovered when gynecologists and midwives turned back the pages of the nine-month calendar: on June 26, Iceland had achieved their historic 2-1 win against England in the round of 16 of Euro 2016. On the pitch we had seen Viking helmets, colored beards and Vikingaklappid… and after.
Now we know!

The Devil wears Prada and the Icelandic national team wears Errea, a Parma-based company specializing in sportswear. The collaboration began in 2002 when the national team was unknown to the mainstream. Crowned by L’Equipe as the most beautiful jersey of the tournament, at the end of the last Europeans it was no longer even in the most remote corner of the last warehouse.
Errea tried to do even better for the World Cup. He mixed red (fire), blue (water) and white (ice) in a vaguely psychedelic way and emphasized the strong sense of community with the words “Fyrir Island” (“For Iceland”) inside the neck and the flag. crusade on the back. [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

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Let’s be clear, all the players of the Icelandic national team are professionals. The context in which they grew up, however, is quite different. In the Icelandic championship of professionals there are few of them and almost all of them arrive at the training pitch on their way back from the office, the fish warehouse or the construction site. In Inkassodeild, the second series, and especially in 2.deild, the third series, many teams represent small villages and the players represent more than one football team. Other than TV rights!

How many times do we hear that in football there are fewer and fewer flags
Although Icelandic football has tight budgets, this last season many players from the national team are returning to Pepsideild, the top flight of Icelandic football, to end their careers in the clubs where they grew up. Among the 23 called up by CT Heimir Hallgrimsson, Birkir Mar Saevarsson shines, starting full-back at the previous Europeans, who returned to play for Valur after having greeted him in 2008. After the World Cup, Kari Arnason, banker Vikingur Reykjavik (from which he has been absent since 2004) will also return to the parent company ), and Olafur Ingi Skulason, shore Fylkir (left in 2003). Nostalgia for home … often experienced even by those who have had the good fortune to visit the island.

The “rose” most loved by the Italians blessed the support for the Scandinavian national team. It was not a random choice, but the result of a poll in which Iceland won by gap over far more successful national teams such as Neymar’s Brazil, Messi’s Argentina, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal.
From May 27, until his debut with Argentina, the correspondent Filippo Conticello will be touring Reykjavik. In order he interviewed the President of the Republic Gudni Thorlacius Johannesson (who was on vacation in Rimini when Italy won the 1982 Mundial), the coach-dentist Heimir Hallgrimsson, the Udinese midfielder Emil Hallfredsson, the legendary Icelandic ultras Studningssveitin Tolfan… plus many other interesting services and videos, always shouting #ForzaIslanda!

9)… AND ALSO THE FAROESE COUSINS follows with equal interest what is going on in Greenland and Faroe Islands, an archipelago halfway between Scotland and Iceland. From the Faroe Islands we have told you the story from the beginning and we constantly follow the championship. As well as during Euro 2016, also for the World Cup a large screen will be set up in the center of the capital Torshavn to cheer Iceland. For the Faroese there is no parochialism towards their Icelandic cousins, unlike Denmark (on which the Faroe Islands depend) and England.
Even the Faroese will scream “Afram Island!”… Waiting to break the record for the smallest nation to participate in a world championship!

Since however it goes it will be a success, we might as well carry on with the celebrations. To keep up with the Icelandic style, you need to get a bottle of Brennivin. It is a distillate of cereals and potatoes flavored with cumin. It travels around 40 ° and its translation means “burnt wine”, even if in jargon it is called “black death”. Its natural combination is with the hakarl, the famous rotten shark: the meat is fermented for a few months in the sand and then hung to dry. Brennivin serves to mask the flavor… cheers!

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