You are planning a trip
If you do not have a passport, it is good that you check that your identity card is valid for expatriation ! It would be a real shame to have to interrupt your vacation before it even starts. Below you will find some tips to avoid running into border blockades .

Reasons why the CI is not accepted for expatriation

  1. presence of the wording “not valid for expatriation”;
  2. validity extension with stamping (extension);
  3. illegible document, with damaged or broken photo.

Identity card not valid for expatriation: how to recognize it

  • Paper identity card : check the presence of the wording “not valid for expatriation” on the back of the card; the lack of this wording makes the card automatically valid for expatriation. See example.
  • New Electronic Identity Card (CIE) : check the presence of the wording “not valid for expatriation” on the front of the card, at the bottom right. See example.
  • Old CIE model : previous CIE models had the wording “not valid for expatriation” on the back of the card at point 16. See example.
  • Paper identity card with extension stamp : if the validity of your paper identity card has been extended with the affixing of the stamp, you will no longer be able to use it for expatriation. See example.

New release: necessary documents, times and costs
If you realize that your document is not valid for expatriation, the only thing to do is to ask for a new release. Almost all Italian municipalities now issue the CIE, or the new Electronic Identity Card (only 400 municipalities are not yet authorized to issue it).

NB : At the time of the application, remember to communicate to the official your desire to obtain a valid document for expatriation. In the event of a non-express request , the wording “not valid for expatriation” will be printed on the document!

SEE ALSO : electronic identity card release infographics

Documents required for CIE release

  • 1 passport photo in paper format (dimensions 35 x 45 mm, like passport photos)
  • Tax Code or Health Card
  • Old valid identity document or valid passport (in the absence of another valid identification document, 2 witnesses with identification documents must be present)

Procedure for the request

  1. Book an appointment online at the Registry Office of the municipality of residence (optional, recommended only for large municipalities)
  2. Go to the Registry Office of the municipality of residence with the necessary documentation
  3. Leave fingerprints
  4. Expressly request that the document be valid for expatriation ; in the case of minor dependent children, attach a declaration of consent for expatriation signed by the other parent (or the authorization of the tutelary judge in the case of divorced parents).
  5. Sign the declaration of consent or refusal to donate organs or tissues
  6. Sign the data verification summary sheet
  7. Pay the price for issuing the CIE. Cash may not be accepted in some municipalities. In this case it will be necessary to pay via POS or pay a postal order to the treasury account of the municipality to which you belong
  8. Receive and keep the receipt of payment (essential to collect the CIE once ready) and the replacement sheet (usable as a temporary identification document)
  9. Collect the document or wait for it to be delivered to you by post. In small municipalities you will be given the date on which you can go to the collection. In large municipalities you will be asked for the address of residence for direct shipping to the citizen.

Issuing times
The new CIE is issued by the State Mint and then sent to the applicant’s address or to the Registry Office that forwarded the request within 6/10 working days . In case of dispatch to the Registry Office it is possible to delegate a person to collect as long as his details have been provided to the municipal operator at the time of the request.


  • validity 10 years for adults
  • validity 5 years for citizens between 3 and 18 years old
  • valid for 3 years for children under 3 years of age;

CIE release costs
Description Cost fixed cost € 16.79 secretarial costs
(variable from municipality to municipality) between € 5.21 and € 11.21 TOTAL between € 22.00 and € 28.00

Differences in the procedure between CIE and card paper
In the event that your municipality is not yet authorized to issue a CIE, you will be issued with the old paper identity card.
In this case, the procedure has some differences:

  • it is necessary to present 3 passport photos instead of one;
  • the release cost is approximately € 5.22 (therefore less than the approximately € 22.00 of the CIE)
  • the card will be issued at the moment by the official of the registry office (normally there are no technical times to wait)

Renewal or extension of the expiry
With the entry into force of the decree law 26/6/2008 n.112, the expiration of the identity card has passed to 10 years from the date of issue, at the end of which the card is no longer renewed but a new release must be requested.
Citizens with a paper document that expired between June 26, 2008 and June 26, 2013 may have extended the deadline from 5 to 10 years by affixing a stamp . This stamp is valid only within national borders, which means that its application renders the document invalid for expatriation .

Identity card duplicate: what it is and how to request it
The duplicate of the Identity Card is a document that has the same value as the one it replaces and can be requested in case of theft, loss or deterioration .
The procedure for requesting the duplicate is roughly the same as for the normal identity card, with the only difference that in case of loss or theft you must also attach the report issued by the Public Security Authority (Police Headquarters) or by the Carabinieri. The cost of the duplicate is approximately € 10.58 .
The duplicate has the same validity as the original Identity Card, therefore the expiry date will remain the one expressed in the old document.

Which countries can you go to with your identity card
The identity card can be used as a travel document for the following countries:
State Specific requests All EU states none, the CIE alone is enough to move freely Albania none, the CIE alone is enough to move freely Bosnia-Herzegovina none, the CIE alone is enough to move freely Egypt mandatory to bring a photo for the Gibraltar visa none , the CIE alone is enough to circulate freely Iceland none, the CIE alone is enough to circulate freely Liechtenstein none, the CIE alone is enough to circulate freely Morocco exclusively for those who enter with organized travel Principality of Monaco none, the CIE alone is enough to circulate freely Norway none , the CIE alone is enough to circulate freely the Republic of Montenegro for a stay up to a maximum of 30 days Switzerland none,the CIE alone is enough to freely circulate Tunisia exclusively for those entering with an organized trip Turkey exclusively for those entering with an organized trip

Identity Card for Minors
Minors can obtain their personal CIE. To request and obtain the identity card valid for expatriation, the consent of both parents is required (who must be physically present both at the time of the request and at the time of issue). If the parents cannot go together with the Municipality, a declaration of consent for expatriation (click for the downloadable model) signed by the absent parent is required, together with a copy of the identity document of the same for the authentication of the signature.

In case of separated or divorced parents and in disagreement , or if one of the two parents refuses to sign the consent for expatriation, it is also necessary to present theauthorization of the Tutelary Judge .

Rules on the expatriation of minors

  • Over 14 years old : they can travel alone with their identity card only in the countries indicated above.
  • Children under 14 : can only travel accompanied by a parent or carer (provided they have an accompanying declaration).
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