It may not be one of the rooms in the house that we pay the most attention to, that is why we do not include the kitchen in our plans to carry out decoration ideas to give our house a new look . Although, after having discovered the Japanese 5S method, which leads order by flag, the time has come for us to think about the decoration of our kitchen with a different mentality. It is good that we want to decorate your walls with some border, but what you really have to take into account is how to take advantage of the space in the kitchen and keep it tidy , especially if it is a small kitchen.
The kitchen is that room in the house in which concepts such as functionality and pragmatism make an appearance, so thinking about the best way to take advantage of storage space and keep it tidy are not aspects to be left to chance. We want to keep our kitchen tidy , especially if it is small, but we also need to have everything within reach to make our day-to-day life comfortable and simple .
The kitchen is that place in the house where functionality has a leading role. That the environment is visually pleasing is important, but being able to work comfortably is even more so. difficult to give them a place, have them at hand and keep the kitchen in order . If you have little space, Leroy Merlin offers everything you need to optimize space and make the most of every inch .

Classify the spaces in the kitchen according to their function

The key to keeping the kitchen tidy is to have a place for everything. Start by classifying the spaces according to their function: an area to place kitchen and table utensils, another for food, another for daily ingredients, such as oil or spices, and another place for cleaning products.

Free up the worktop and take advantage of the walls to place everything
The fewer elements that are placed on the worktop, the easier it will be to clean it and the more space we will have to work. Take advantage of the walls to place all those things that we need to have close at hand, such as oil, condiments, a roll of paper, cooking supplies or cleaning products in the sink area.
If you can’t make that change, use cans, utensil holders, or soap dispensers to keep everything tidy.. The shutter furniture is also very useful for storing small appliances for daily use such as the toaster or coffee maker, you can protect them from dirt and take up very little space.

Pull-out accessories to maintain order

One of the problems when organizing the kitchen is the depth of the furniture and inaccessible corners, in these cases, pull- out accessories are the best solution , and a good substitute for the shelves of this furniture.
Storage columns are ideal for storing food. They are tall but accessible furniture, with removable trays whose location you can adjust to adapt to the height of the containers you want to store. In this way you will take advantage of all the space, you canEasily organize food and keep it in sight , thus avoiding waste.
Corner furniture has a lot of capacity, but it is so uncomfortable that it is often wasted. Install special removable accessories for corner modules and you will be able to access all the content without complications. You will find them with different sizes, shapes and trays, to adapt optimally to your kitchen.

Take advantage of every corner for optimal storage

In the narrow spaces where nothing seems to fit , install a pull-out for bottles . They are perfect for storing oil, spices, sauces, etc. and you can place them next to the lower, upper modules or the storage columns.

Make your wall units more practical

Lifting accessories allow you to extract the interior of the upper modules and place them at a more comfortable height, so that you take advantage of all the space and reach everything effortlessly.

Place cleaning products in another storage area

For safety, cleaning products should be stored away from food and kitchen utensils . It is common to store them in the lower part of the sink, but to take advantage of the full height of the cabinet , install a couple of pull-outs . The lower one, for example, for the rubbish bins and the upper one for sponges, dishwasher capsules, gloves… and everything you need when cleaning the kitchen.

A perfectly

organized pantry The pantry should have a stable temperature, between 10-21ยบ, without direct light and without humidity. A mini-exhaust fan will avoid this problem and to improve the lighting place some lines of light under the shelves.
Use shelves to have everything in sight , with a depth of 15 or 20 cm it will be enough and much more comfortable, since it will be easier to reach the bottom. Modify the height of the shelves to adapt the furniture to your needs.
You will find them made of metal, but those made of natural wood are also easy to combine and you can integrate accessories such as bottle racks, drawers or boxes of the same material. Rattan or wicker baskets go very well to store vegetables, garlic, etc., and the plastic containers for legumes or cereals, if they have a square or rectangular shape, you will make better use of the space. The decorated metal boxes are beautiful and protect food from light, use them for coffee, cookies, etc.
If you do not want to change the furniture, but you do want to get the most out of your kitchen, you will find different easy-to-install kits so that you can update it yourself. If, on the other hand, you are thinking of renovating the entire kitchen, a kitchen planner will help you distribute the modules and their accessories to make the most of every corner and optimize the space.
A tidy kitchen is a more useful and practical kitchen. Distribute the areas by function and use the necessary accessories to achieve it.

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