Christmas is getting closer and closer, you can breathe its scent in the air and to bring some of this magic into the home you can make delicious Christmas decorations for DIY children that will also allow us to spend wonderful afternoons with the whole family. Building Christmas crafts for children together , perhaps tasting some sweets already and opening the boxes on the advent calendar, will ensure that young and old alike enter the Christmas atmosphere fully enjoying this special moment of the year.
If, then, we have also prepared a decor that is really in line with the Christmas themeour jobs will match perfectly and make the environment even warmer. Christmas decorations for DIY children with recycled materials
The tendency to recover materials that we use daily to create small jobs that can beautify the house is now well established, even at Christmas you can follow this path to make decorations and themed decorations that are also environmentally friendly, as well as stimulate our more creative side.
Starting from a simple thing, in which we can involve even the little ones, let’s talk about how to recycle glass bottles and jars turning them into magical lanterns .
To make these Christmas decorations for childrenit will be enough to identify bottles and glass jars that are large enough and with the shape we like, wash them carefully, removing both labels and any other residue and obtain indelible or acrylic markers in gold, red or silver and some strings of lights powered by drums.
At this point we take the glass containers and with markers we color the cap and draw decorations on the bottle in the shape of a star or a snowflake. If we want to add a touch of magic to these children’s Christmas crafts , we can also apply a layer of glue and glitter on the lid.
Once our bottle is ready and well prepared we just have to make a hole large enough on the lid to pass the string of lights – which in any case must be as thin as possible, preferably in copper – and insert it inside. These simple lanterns can be placed in various corners of the house for warm and welcoming lighting but can also be thought of as cute gifts for friends and family. Another cool idea for DIY kids’ Christmas decorations is the cork garland .
Also in this case the procedure is quite simple and suitable even for the little ones, but it is necessary to accumulate corks in sufficient quantity to make a beautiful garland.
The first step is to draw a circle with holes in it on a strong enough cardboard and cut it out, being careful to use scissors suitable for children.
At this point with the vinyl glue we can attach the caps all over the circle, forming a real garland. We can decide to leave the caps as they are, if we like the effect, or cut them all to the same size and size and maybe color them.
The extra touch is to add a ribbon or a bow or a sprig of holly. Even the coffee capsules can become nice Christmas decorations for DIY children . They can be used both to make bells and to transform into cute little angels.
In the first case, just remove the lower patina, clean the capsule well, make a small hole in the upper part and attach a ribbon to hang the bells.
For the little angels, on the other hand, you will have to make small cardboard wings to be carefully cut out, preferably from the parents, for the head just a ball of das to decorate with eyes, nose and mouth and with a few threads of wool you can make the hair . Christmas crafts for children with natural materials Going out for a walk and returning with some material to make nice Christmas decorations for children will surely be a great adventure for the little ones.
Among the things we could add to our loot are:fallen leaves in bright colors, red and yellow, pine cones, pebbles, wooden twigs.
Precisely with the latter we can make Christmas jobs for children very simple: let’s make a bunch of twigs more or less all of the same length – the adults can eventually cut them – let’s clean them well with the help of a fine-grained sandpaper, let’s color them with indelible colors or acrylics suitable for wood and let’s string them together with Christmas-colored ribbons. At this point we can fix one or two points, depending on the length of the twigs, to fix some candles with vinyl glue: and here are some original place cards for the Christmas table .The pine cones, on the other hand, when properly cleaned, can become mini Christmas trees if placed on a das base adorned with a Christmas ribbon. The white colored tips will give the idea of ​​snow. Even pebbles that we collected along the way are a precious material for our Christmas decorations for DIY children : by coloring them with acrylic markers we can make cute Santa Claus or snowmen to scatter around the house or use as a placeholder. Christmas squares for children to hang at home Other Christmas crafts for children that are very simple to make are the squares : in this case you can really let your imagination run wild and make all the squares that come to mind.If we have an old frame, for example, we can remove the back, color it and decorate it with a Christmas theme , and hang small balls with colored ribbons and a nice bow, making a nice Christmas picture for children in 3D. Even with cardboard and buttons you can make nice Christmas squares for children with Christmas trees decorated with many balls , which will be our buttons, perhaps on a sky of stars drawn with glitter. Always with cardboard and a little cotton on our Christmas squares for children, snowmen can appear to decorate with buttons, woolen threads and so on and so forth.
Finally, many small washers cut out of corks, colored and glued on a cardboard will form a beautiful Christmas tree.
Making Christmas decorations for children is a really good activity to embellish every single corner of the house while having fun and leaving room for creativity.

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