Are you getting married soon? How old you? An investigation carried out by the Institute of Family Studies of the United States affirms that although it was previously believed that if couples married younger there was a greater risk of divorce, new results confirm that those who enter the “serious life” after the age of 30 they also stick to a separation.

Adolescents who decide to unite their lives very young are more likely to divorce than adults, but those who marry at 30 increase that possibility by 5%.

The research also speaks of couples who marry around the age of 25 and confirms that among these there is a 50% less chance of divorce than among those who marry at 20.

So what is the ideal age to get married?

Wolfinger’s analysis showed that before the age of 32, the possibility of divorce is reduced by 11%. After that age, the rate increases by 5% for every 12 months. And because? According to the researcher, there is more education and fewer economic risks, among other factors. Meanwhile, those who have not married even after 30 will have problems in the future with former partners because they will be tempted to commit adultery, the study indicates.

The psychologist believes that you should assess the following points:

1. Courtship time: You must be sure that the courtship time was enough to know positive and negative aspects of your boyfriend’s personality. For example, if you can handle him being quiet or very outgoing and social. Whether it’s neat or messy. If you have vices such as smoking, drinking or the like.

It is necessary that you accept him with your defects and virtues, since he will not change just because of getting married or because of love. He will make efforts to cooperate with you, but people don’t change.

2. Your affinity with your partner: The passion and butterflies of love that you feel now pass with time. But, what keeps a couple for many years is the affinity in conversations, the tastes and dreams in common. If you like to go out and enjoy yourself, but your boy prefers to stay at home to watch television, they will have problems.

And on the other hand when you or your partner have no topics of conversation other than expenses and children, the marriage becomes boring. On the other hand, when they talk, they laugh and there are always things to comment on, they make the bond strong and there is no need to look for other people to trust.

3. Get to know your boyfriend’s family: Dating is also a time to get to know your boyfriend’s family. Analyze to what extent this family accepts you, approves of your customs, if it is capable of sharing rituals and activities with you.

The psychologist advises that your partner should have:

1. Willingness and ability to work: As a woman, you always hope to have a partner who has the strength to work and generate money. This is a natural instinct, since by ancestral memory you think that when you become pregnant you will need time to take care of your children, and it is likely that you will not be able to work. That is why you require a partner who performs that function of care and protection in that vital time.

The type of man who doesn’t try hard, who constantly loses jobs or laments that there are never any jobs, tends to be more rejected by his wives than those enterprising men who would do anything for their children and for her.

2. Good friend: You expect your husband to be a good friend, confidant and supportive in difficult times.

3. Loyalty: You marry with the illusion of finding a man who does not follow the patterns and social mandates.

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