The Bridgertons, the Netflix series , became a hit last Christmas. Its mix of Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl and 50 Shades of Gray has enthralled fans of period romantic dramas. Its plot wins the more agile, but if viewers have noticed something -especially female ones- it is its protagonist: an attractive Duke of Hastings played by the hitherto unknown actor Rege-Jean Page who, with this work, caresses the resounding fame.

Its creator, Shonda Rhimes,Author of other hits such as Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal, she travels back in time and adopts the ironic ways of Jane Austen, although she allows herself a handful of licenses more in keeping with the times we live in. One of them is the male lead in a series aimed primarily at a female audience. Although gallant and courteous, Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, is a Christian Gray in the Victorian way. A Duke (Miguel Angel Silvestre) from Without tits there is no paradise in Spain.
African-American, with a muscular body and an intriguing face, Rege-Jean Page is a sight to behold, without a doubt. Born in London in 1990, he is the son of a British priest and a nurse from Zimbabwe, a country to which his family moved when he was very young.They lived there until Rege-Jean was 14 years old. He has good memories of his time in the African country, although he has said in an interview that his mixed-race condition brought him some complications.
Once back in the UK, he had his first professional experiences as an actor participating in the short film Troublemaker or in an episode of the series Casualty, but he prioritized his passion for music. In fact, he formed a punk music band with his brother.

In 2011 he appeared as an extra in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 2.But it was his training at the National Youth Theater in London that, as he has stated whenever he can, changed his way of seeing the world of acting. After graduating from the Drama Center in 2013, she appeared in two episodes of the series Fresh Meat . As of 2015, she began to appear regularly in series and movies, such as Waterloo Road and Survivor, alongside Pierce Brosnan and Milla Jovovich, respectively.
He decided to try his luck in the United States, where he landed the role of Chicken George in the new version of Roots.He was later asked to be part of the cast of Mortal Engines, the ambitious blockbuster co-written by Peter Jackson.
In addition, he gave life to one of the protagonists of For the people,legal drama aired on ABC. And, although it only had two seasons, it allowed him to meet Shonda Rhimes, who saw in him the potential to embody the protagonist of The Bridgertons, his first production for Netflix.
The popularity of Rege-Jean Page can be seen in her numbers on social networks, which have increased considerably: before the series was launched, on December 25 in Spain, she had 35,000 followers on Instagram , and today she has more than 2.2 million.
When a British actor enjoys a certain success, he begins to dream of playing one of the most famous characters in cinema: 007, the legendary James Bond. Page’s name has sounded strong in recent days to take over from Daniel Craig in this matter, although the interpreter himself has made it clear on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show television program that there is still nothing concrete on the table. “If you’re British and you do something of a certain renown that people value positively, then they start saying the ‘B’ (Bond) word. It’s like a badge: you get the ‘B’ word as a medal of merit,” he said, clarifying that he did not thinks it’s a possibility right now: “I’m very, very happy to have that badge, I’m glad to be in such wonderful company of people who have it,
His social networks reveal that he is a person who loves nature, sports and with strong social convictions. He defends the rights of African-American people and has therefore put on record on more than one occasion that he supports the Black Lives Matters movement.
As in his last fiction, Page is a free, independent being and –best of all– single.Or at least to date no public love of the past or present is known. There is no doubt that we will know more, and that Rege-Jean Page remains for a while.

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