Very excited about her debut next Monday in the series Dos Vidas , in the after-meals of La 1, Gloria Camila Ortega Mohedano, at 24 years old, assures that she is still looking for her path, in life and at work. The daughter of bullfighter Jose Ortega Cano and Rocio Jurado studied Design a few years ago and has done some work as a model, although she affirms that acting is a passion that she has just discovered and for which she is thoroughly preparing.
I still have a long way to go to become an actress “, she maintains, “but experience is the most important thing and in this work I have felt very supported, wanting to continue dedicating myself to this”.
The new fiction from RTVE and Mascaret Films in collaboration with Bambu is a period drama set in present-day Spain and in the colony of Spanish Guinea in the 1950s, where they live, in very different times, grandmother and granddaughter, Julia and Carmen, which are interpreted by Laura Ledesma and Amparo Pinero respectively. Gloria Camila plays a secondary role, that of Cloe, an 18-year-old girl who moves from the city to the town due to the crisis. His main goal is to get out of town and move forward in his life.
“She is a girl with character, happy, wanting to make plans, when something bothers her, she says so. She is very transparent, she is very me“, explains Gloria Camila about her character, who has been prepared with the help of a coach –like the rest of the debuting actors in the series– after being previously chosen in the corresponding casting.
“It was sudden. I had submitted to a test a long time ago and they didn’t take me. This time they called me for the casting in the summer and I learned the script. I went with my father , who accompanied me to the casting. He was waiting outside. When I left I told him that I thought he had done well, but you don’t expect them to call you in three days and tell you that they’ve caught you. So we both started screaming around the house (laughs) … and very happy, “she says about her controversial choice .for the character, not without criticism from some actresses, such as Marisol Ayuso (known for playing Aida’s mother in the successful Telecinco series with this title), or Melanie Olivares. “I cross myself, is that young lady an actress

She has not studied, she is not an actress. No man, no. They play with the profession, it is not respected,” the first commented on her social networks.
Gloria reaffirms the idea that she has been chosen for her acting qualities, not for being ‘the daughter of…’ ” I did the casting like the others and the person who sees the final videos didn’t even know who she was. And she liked me as I did. I am very happy because that for me is even more meritorious. I am doing my best so that Chloe pleases the viewers, “already recovered from covid-19 after being infected at the beginning of the year, like her father, Ortega Cano, and his wife, Ana Maria Aldon.
From the production company they maintain that the cast of this project is quite choral, with a large group of young promises for whom this is their first job in a television series. “I’m super happy. I hadn’t planned to do any of this until the opportunity arose and I jumped into the pool,” she explains. “I’m not taking away anyone’s job as an actress, I’m training myself.”

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