I am the one who went down in history as the best friend of humans (actually it would be the best friend of man, but it is just unfair to women so I say humans, it includes everyone): I am the dog. Many know me personally, many have an opinion of me without knowing me.
About how I really am I told you some time ago. Today I would like to tell you why it is so nice to be a dog . It is not obvious, you know
Just think that to say that something is done badly, we say that it is done by dogs, that to say that we suffer a lot we say that we suffer from dogs and that to say that one is really alone we say who is just like a dog.
But I leave optimistic .I was born thinking that the world is beautiful and people are good. If I then find out that it isn’t, well I change my mind (anyone would, I think) but for now I haven’t changed it. Returning to us, therefore, I wanted to tell you why I am happy to be born a dog. There are so many reasons!

  • Love of humans
  • The extraordinary sense of smell
  • The versatility
  • Many shapes and colors
  • The enthusiasm
  • The joy of rolling

Love of Humans
You humans rule the world and I have been your best friend in animal form for millennia. It’s not a trivial matter, I feel like saying. The love that binds us, you and me, is mutual. I love you and you love me. It’s beautiful. Thanks to you I am looked after , I am pampered , I am fed, I am looked after, and thanks to you I really have a sense of family. It’s great to be part of a family that loves you. Extraordinary sense of smell
Another reason why I am happy to be born a dog and that I have an amazing sense of smell. You will tell me: what are you doing?
I answer you that you have no idea, literally you have no idea. You have about 2% of the olfactory receptors that I have. With my nose I canfeel the most incredible things . To give you an idea, if you put a teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic-size swimming pool, I notice it.
My sense of smell is so wonderful that I just need to go out the door and put my nose in the air to update myself on what happened where I live. I don’t even need to see my enemies, I feel them in the air if they are around and thanks to the sense of smell I realize the time that passes.
And then by the smell of you I feel what mood you are in , I feel the presence of diseases, I feel explosives and drugs, and with the sense of smell I find people in difficulty. And when I do I am happy, tired but happy. I like to help. The versatility
I am very versatile and I am happy with theskills that I can have . I can do very different things: from guarding to herding sheep, from helping blind people and psychologically supporting those suffering from post-traumatic stress. I can also find the bombs, as I mentioned earlier!
And the beauty is that, like humans, I have innate abilities but when I study and apply myself I become even better. One thing I really enjoy is working with and for the humans who appreciate me. It gives me great satisfaction. So many shapes and colors
We want to talk about the shapes, sizes and colors that I can have
Lots of them. There seems to be no greater diversity in the animal world than in my species. I can be very small or even that big. Not as big as a whale, mind you, but still nice big, maybe even bigger than a pony.
I can be of many different colors, from beige to black, from white to gray, from blue to multicolor. My coat can be of many different types, very short, medium, long, soft, rough, smooth, curly. In short, I give the idea, with all the looks I can have, you don’t get bored for a moment. Enthusiasm
Like Forrest Gump’s famous box of chocolates in which you never know what happens to you, I also don’t know what the human family that takes me will be like but I can guarantee it: with the right one my life is really a show !
They are attentive to what I need , they take me out a lot, they make me have fun and meet friends (if I want, if I prefer to be alone with my humans, I am alone with my humans), they take me on vacation, they feed me super good things, they pamper me, they make me sleep on the bed with them (always if I want, if I don’t want to, that’s no problem).
They take care of managing situations that could put me in trouble, they don’t leave me alone, they make me feel loved and appreciated. Simply put, with the right human family I have no worries, I have only positive thoughts and I can concentrate on begging for delicacies as only I know how to do (with great effectiveness, I would like to add. I have yet to know who can resist me when I look at him with hungry eyes). I can only say, I couldn’t ask for more. The Joy of Rolling
Another reason why I am so happy to be a dog and that I roll in perfumed things . Each of us has his favorites, there are those who love the productions of wild animals, those who love the remains of animals that have gone to Heaven, those who love mud, etc. It’s too good! I have so much more to say but I stop. I would not want to abuse your time.

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