I was born a dog. I can’t help it, I was born like that. Maybe in my previous life I was someone else and I reincarnated as a dog, and maybe everything I know about humans depends on that time there, who knows. I honestly can’t tell you, because I don’t remember. I think it is a mystery that will remain forever.
But it is useless to mull over what was or was not, better devote to the here and now, which is also one of my mottos. And my here and now and that I’m a dog. Some time ago I told you that being a dog is really beautiful, but it can also be very difficult. And today I would like to tell you why.
They will be just some of the reasons why it is difficult to be a dog but they give a good idea of ​​what I mean.

  • A summer of pain
  • Those feelings that no one understands
  • The pain that is inflicted on me
  • Loneliness
  • The hatred they feel for me
  • The faults of humans
  • The absence of freedom of choice

A summer of pain
And summer. And for many of us the word does not evoke dreams of holidays, of whole days spent with our humans, of crazy runs through the meadows, of swimming in the lake or the sea. No. I feel like crying just thinking about it: for many of us, summer means abandonment .
How many humans take us, they also keep us with them a lot and then leave us, on the highway, on the street, in the gardens, in the fields, in the kennels: there is no limit to the imagination. Thousands and thousands of us abandoned every year because our humans have decided that we are no longer needed .
That we are a burden. Maybe because we are sick and therefore a problem. Or worse, it is uncomfortable to leave us somewhere and then they choose the definitive solution and abandon us. I wish I could describe the pain we feel, what it means to feel betrayed by those you care about the most and on whom you completely depend.
The fear that takes you and the worry about what will become of you that assails you when you realize what happened. and so terrible that I can’t. I have to stop here but please believe me. Being abandoned is truly terrible and it is a risk I run from the minute I am born. Those feelings that nobody understands
It is not nice to be a dog because so many humans think that I have no feelings, that I have no moods. They think I have no needs. They treat meas if I were a puppet and, when I can’t take it anymore and I show that the life they are making me lead is not good for me, open up heaven.
Let me tell you, there aren’t many humans who try to handle me well when something is wrong. The vast majority think that the problem is me and that the solution is the hard way. Why do I have to be mistreated when I suffer if they leave me alone at home for countless hours The pain that is inflicted on me
Why do I have to be beaten when I say I’m afraid of other dogs
Why they have to turn their backs on me when I seek their affection
Why do I have to be strangled when I would like to jump, run, play
Why do they have to take away my bowl of food when I try to eat
Why do they drag even the smallest of us when they are afraid of the outside world
I assure you, live in fear of the humans who have taken you and who should be your family and your ugly.
At a different level, in some respects lower but still inexplicable and no less serious, I want to talk about those humans who tie me to the bicycle and force me to run attached to the two wheels so that if I don’t go fast enough I am throttled or alternatively I remain back and I risk getting lost. And maybe I even get scolded for my slowness.
The experience itself is already bad and they do it to me in any season, even when it’s hot for which I risk death. There are also those who do not bind me, they simply ride a bike and make me chase. The fear of getting lost makes me run, I guarantee you, but it’s not a good run. Loneliness
For me the group I belong to counts more than everything, even more than myself. In my life with humans it means that for me it is essential that they participate in my life and that they make me participate in theirs. Let them consider and treat me as one of the family, so to speak. Here, so many humans do not know, or do not want to know and isolate me.
They make me live alone, closed in the garden, closed on the terrace, closed in a shed, or even outdoors, alone and sometimes even tied up and then they think I’m bad if my pain, my nervousness and my stress are noticed and they treat me even worse , if possible. It is truly terrible. The hate they feel for me
Another reason why being a dog is difficult is all those who hate me for the mere fact that I exist. And how many there are. They know nothing about me (yet they think they know everything. How wrong they are…) and they hate me. There are those who insult me ​​when they see me , those who do not want to let me into gardens, shops, parks, restaurants, apartments even because they claim that I stink, that I am bad, that I bite, that dirty, that I make noise .
I don’t tell my humans, I know they try to protect me and they don’t tell me that we don’t go to many places because they don’t want me, but I notice it. It is not a great pain because there are so many many other people who make me feel welcome and much appreciated, but still it is a regret. It wouldn’t be better to know me before judging me . The faults of humans
I can tell you another reason why it is difficult to be dogs
When we are frowned upon by our humans . the famous the sins of the fathers fall on the children in my case and the sins of the owners fall on the dogs. I don’t choose the humans who take me, if they don’t know how to manage me, if they are bad, if they don’t care about me, if they don’t care about other humans, what can I do about it?
Yet if something happens it’s my fault, the bad guy is me, the one to be ruled out is me. And quite heavy. I am totally dependent on humans. You know the Russian roulette game, the one bullet gun game
Here, when I was born to me and so – I can only hope that the humans who take me will love me and treat me but as we have seen before, it is not for nothing sure, indeed. I will not dwell here, I think it is enough to think about it for a very quick moment to realize why being so dependent on humans is one of the reasons why it is difficult to be a dog. The absence of freedom of choice
With this I come to another reason, the last one today, why it is difficult to be a dog I wanted to tell you about. The freedom to choose. I do not have it and not because I am unable to choose or do not have desires. No. And because I’m a dog and my position in the world doesn’t come with the luxury of choice.
You will tell me, eh but what demands. I don’t ask for much, I don’t pretend to choose where we are going to live or at what time to go out for a walk, no no. I would like to be able to choose which smell to smell, maybe every now and then which path to take, or whether to rest because I’m tired or maybe walk a little more because I have a lot of energy to consume, or whether to play or instead take an exploratory walk and instead many of us cannot even “read” a handkerchief of grass because their humans they consider it an act of insubordination to be punished with a beautiful strangled.

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