If you are a “loser” of globalization, happiness is not included in your life protocol, if you are a “winner” (you know there are four cats
) happiness is already part of your genetic heritage. Ruggeri’s Cameo

When I was a teenager, as the son and grandson of Fiat workers, I knew that my destiny was sealed: I would be a Fiat worker, a privilege. Then, years later, if deserving, I could have become a “Fiat employee” (“travet” in Piedmontese). With the same salary, I would no longer breathe in the smells of exhausted oils, the iron shavings of my lathe, the acid sweat of colleagues. I would have been parked in a non-place, as were the so-called “building offices”. Here, instead of the blue overalls, I would have worn a GFT suit, given the price, already worn out at the time of purchase, I would have done an idiotic job, looked down on the workers, despite being one of them. Some travets, to underline their difference in status, had the nail of their left little finger grow abnormally. It was an ante litteram Green Pass that certified you,
But work, then, had its own authentic social dignity, and was well paid. A Fiat worker earned much more than a municipal employee, and in society (at the Circolo delle Bocce, of course) he had a status just below that of shopkeepers and small professionals. The economic miracle, the strategic and social choices of Vittorio Valletta allowed the Fiat workers to have a first-rate private welfare, to have their children study, to buy, in addition to the 600, the classic “room, dining room, kitchenette” in the suburbs extreme and, for the more thrifty, one identical to Borghetto Santo Spirito. Not even conceivable for a worker or a travet today, he is a wretch who does not go beyond the purchase of a hand blender or an iPhone in installments on Black Friday.
Seventy years later, in the era of the reigning CEO capitalism, work has lost its dignity, wages have become a subsistence contribution, not to mention the social elevator, which has been in disuse for years. Nobody, endowed with a minimum of intelligence and awareness, believes in the legendary phrase of the Nobel President “If you work hard you can do it”. “You can do it”, yes, but to do what
The rider
The “Amazon packer”
The Uber driver
The poor average families have accepted, giving up their savings and blatantly wrong, to raise their children allowing them to “consume without working”. If you start consuming before producing, you are destined for ultimate poverty, just as if you don’t have the dream of improving yourself, of fighting for a future different from the present. None of this can happen in the mythical world of CEO capitalism, which has transformed the future into the present, projecting working life directly towards the citizenship couch.
Everything is already planned, your life is already written, it is up to you only to pretend to live it, you will never be able to enter into the merits of the admitted or prohibited modalities, you simply have to stick to the protocol that has been given to you. It will be a life without surprises, nothing will ever happen to you, because you are an App, you have a Pass but you don’t have a life.
Mom and dad used to tell me: “Happiness does not come towards you, you have to be the one to chase it”. Today this great truth is completely outdated. Many do not know what happiness is and, intellectually brutish as they are, not even interested in knowing it. If you are a “loser” of globalization, happiness is not included in your life protocol, if you are a “winner” (you know there are four cats
) happiness is already part of your genetic heritage.
So is death. All your life they sold you that you were mortal, that you had to think positively, that you had to be resilient (you didn’t have time to fall because you already had to bounce on your feet, like the gymnasts of the East), so you were convinced to move away. death from your thoughts. Like
Every evening, once you addressed your prayer to Jesus, now no more, your gods were the Technology, the Science. Enriched with physical and mental anti-aging products, before going to sleep you listen enraptured on TV to the “Scientist”, the “Politician”, the “Journalist” who “give you”, as per protocol, fake truth.
Then, one day, suddenly, you find yourself old, “your expiration date” appears on the display. You still feel alive, but the algorithm has decided that you are old, you have to leave, and even on tiptoe, so as not to disturb the maneuvers.
Happy Christmas!

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