We have overcome the year of the pandemic and there are many drivers who, due to teleworking and perimeter restrictions, have reduced the use of the car. In addition, the home confinement of March 2020 led many drivers to neglect a very important aspect of the vehicle: the ITV.
With the arrival of good weather, and the freedom of movement in some communities, there are many drivers who have not gone through the traditional inspection of the vehicle, but who continue to circulate. Many of them do it with the previous appointment already requested, thinking that this procedure allows them to travel with total normality.
Not much less. Have requested an appointment at the ITVdoes not allow us to circulate with the vehicle after the deadline, since the law understands that it is a lack of foresight that does not justify us using a vehicle that could pose a danger to its occupants and other road users.
Having requested an appointment with the ITV does not allow us to circulate with the vehicle after the deadline and could mean a fine of up to 500 euros
. Even more. If we go to the ITV in a timely manner, but we obtain an unfavorable result, we will not be able to circulate with the vehicle other than to go to the workshop or the inspection station to pass a new revision. And the fact that we have a specific period to pass the inspection again (two months) does not enable us to use the vehicle normally.
In the worst case of all, a negative inspection, it is considered that the vehicle poses a clear danger and will not even be able to leave the ITV station if not to be taken to a mechanical workshop.

An expired moratorium It

must be remembered that, last summer, and due to home confinement, the Government of Spain approved a three-month moratorium for vehicles whose ITV expired between June 21 and August 31.
In this way, they tried to minimize the consequences of the existing collapse in the Vehicle Technical Inspection stations. However, that is already past and currently all vehicles must circulate compulsorily with the ITV in force.
Therefore, we must always anticipate in advance the moment to go to the inspection station or we will risk being stopped at a control and having to face a complaint and its corresponding fine.

Fines of up to 500 euros

In the first place and according to the regulations, driving with the expired ITV of the car carries a fine of 200 euros.Secondly, in the event that the driver of a vehicle with an unfavorable ITV continues to use it, he faces a fine of up to 200 euros. And, thirdly, in the event that the owner of a vehicle with a suspended or negative ITV, the fine is even greater, since it increases to 500 euros.
In neither case, the owner of the vehicle in questionpoints are deducted from your driver’s license.

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