In terms of trendy furnishings, everything that comes from the Scandinavian world is increasingly appreciated today. Minimal, essential and functional designs have now become key points in what people are looking for to furnish their home. This is why the Hygge style is very much in vogue today and loved by those who want to give their home a welcoming, warm, basic and versatile atmosphere. But what it is
It is a style that comes from Denmark and in this article we will reveal a lot of information about this type of furniture that is becoming more and more popular and loved:

  • Hygge style: origins and most important characteristics
  • The living area furnished in Hygge style
  • Hygge style kitchen: how to create a space with a hospitable atmosphere
  • Hygge style furniture: the bedroom
  • The bathroom in Hygge style

Hygge style: origins and most important characteristics
The Hygge style comes from Denmark, considered one of the countries where the quality of life is high and where concepts such as happiness and well-being are always put in the foreground. The term Hyggeit does not have a real literary translation, and is used to indicate a philosophy of life where relaxation, emotional tranquility, comfort and warmth are certainly preponderant and main elements. It can therefore be asserted that this term can be identified with a state of mind where relaxing and welcoming atmospheres enter into a splendid and perfect mix. This concept has been carried over into every Danish home, with the creation of spaces characterized by a warm feeling of relaxing welcome. In Denmark the climate is very cold, the winters are long and very dark, which is why people spend most of their time at home trying to create spaces that are as hospitable and functional as possible, to fully enjoy every little pleasure in life. .The living area furnished in Hygge style
The living room is certainly one of the rooms in the house where you spend most of your time, it is the place for conviviality, relaxation and also the place where many recreational activities are carried out such as reading, watching television or listening. good music. The living area is therefore the one where the Hygge style furniture can manifest itself in all its most important peculiarities. Let’s start with the most important furnishing solution in this room: the sofa . How should a Hygge sofa be?
Surely you will have to opt for a modern sofa modelwith very soft lines and equipped with the highest requirements in terms of seating comfort. The sofa will then have to be embellished with soft cushions and eco-fur blankets , woolen blankets or plaids. Even the armchair must have the same qualities: a super comfortable aesthetic characterized by soft and enveloping shapes, among the models most inserted in this type of contexts there are in first place the armchairs with chaise lounge . You can also opt for the inclusion of a romantic rocking chair , the wooden or wicker furniture are a real must for this type of furniture. Choose floor lampsthat provide a very warm light and fill the living room with scented candles in colors recalling the world of nature. The real Higge touch in the living room and then given by the carpet , must be short-haired, always eco-friendly and very soft, but above all decorated with cushions and warm blankets, to be able to stretch out in comfort. You can also insert vintage furniture , such as bookcases or sideboards , which will give that extra touch to the whole environment. Hygge style kitchen: how to create a space with a hospitable atmosphere
The kitchen is also a space in the house where conviviality and hospitality are determining factors. Hygge furniturefor this environment provides for the inclusion of furniture with essential designs and made of wood in light colors. Whether you want to furnish with a linear kitchen , with a peninsula kitchen or with an island, always remember that the fundamental point of this way of furnishing the home is the creation of environments where stress and frenzy are excluded, so choose models in light shades. and very enveloping. The table is one of the most important elements in the kitchen, for this particular style you can choose one in wood, or a rectangular table or a square table depending on the space you need to furnish. The seats can be benchesto be accessorized with soft cushions, to ensure a maximum sense of comfort. Also in this space the green light is given to the inclusion of scented candles , jars with aromatic herbs and decorations on the wooden walls with a relaxing impact look. Hygge style furniture: the bedroom
The Hygge style bedroom is distinguished by a maximum refinement of essentiality. Everything in the room must be minimal and devoted to the bare minimum. Enjoying life with simple things is one of the foundations of this style, which is why a small wooden wardrobe will be placed in the room. The double bedit must have a basic design, but without neglecting its primary function: to offer maximum comfort night after night. Also in the bedroom a short-pile carpet should be inserted at the foot of the bed in a delicate nuance. The bedside tables will always be in wood, with essential lines and a support point for lampshades with very simple shapes. The lighting must be discreet and absolutely minimal scenographic impact, so the advice is to use thin floor lamps and lanterns , to create a relaxing environment. Here too the scented candlesthey cannot be missing and should be placed on the bedside tables, on the shelves and on the support shelves present. The bathroom in Hygge style
The bathroom is the place par excellence where you can take care of your psycho-physical well-being. Certainly in the Hygge furniture the real protagonist of this space is the bathtub , where you can indulge in infinite moments of relaxation. The Hygge bathroomand minimal, welcoming and functional. The furniture to be placed has an essential design and attention to detail, but above all made with natural woods. If you want to furnish the bathroom following the concepts of this particular philosophy, always remember to also accessorize this space with candles with clean shapes, to be placed on hangers and shelves with a simple but functional and essential look to keep order. Then remember to place wicker baskets for the laundry to be washed, which can also have the function of towel holders. If you have a green thumb, you can also choose to include plants in the bathroom, solutions that give that green touch with great charm and perfect for creating relaxing and soothing atmospheres.

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