The promise of marriage is the declaration in which a couple promises eternal love. The most intimate and touching moment of the ceremony, in which affection, dreams and mutual commitment are expressed. “… I promise to always be faithful to you, in joy and pain, in health and in sickness, to love and honor you every day of my life.” Many couples are choosing to give up traditional vows, to write more original vows that can tell their story better, what they deeply feel for each other and what they want to build from that moment on. If you are about to get married and are wondering how to write vows for the civil ceremony, in this article you will find ideas and advice.Promise of marriage in common or in church
Whether you are getting married in church, or in town, writing your wedding vows will give you the opportunity to personalize a unique moment, to bare your heart by offering your guests an intimate look at the unconditional love you have for each other. Each story is unique and special, by personalizing your vows you will celebrate how precious yours is. To write memorable wedding vowsyou should speak from the heart, writing in black and white what you feel, giving voice to your deepest feelings. It is not an easy thing because it is a question of briefly summarizing the love you feel and your hopes for the future. If you are people of few words and do not want to write your own, but still want to personalize the promises, you can choose to read a passage from the Bible that corresponds to you, a poem, the text of a song, a phrase from a film or enrich the formula traditional with a final sentence taken by an author or a philosopher. How to write civil marriage vows
Where to start, so
Here are some ideas. Start by thinking about what you mean to each other, best friends, lovers, your world. Take some time to reflect and find inspiration, don’t write at the last minute. Look at the photos, remember what you have been through together so far and write down everything that comes to mind. What you love about your partner, what struck you, the strengths of him and, why not, also the defects of him that you can tell in a funny way. Remember how you met , what made you fall in love, why you decided to get married. Think about what your goals are and what you want to build together. Choose an important moment, an anecdote, there is no need to tell everything or the ceremony should last hours.
You can write your promise of marriagein a romantic, serious or funny way, following the nature of your characters. The important thing is to agree that your promises are in the same style. You may start with what you want to promise your partner in a serious way, because it is a commitment you are making for life. Continue by stating that you will always be there in good times and bad times , close by telling a story that sees you as protagonists. If your life hasn’t been a walk in the park and this love has illuminated your path, tell it. It ends with the classic “forever”, “for eternity”, “until death do us part”. Funny wedding vows
You don’t have to tell everything seriously, a few laughter could help you manage emotions and keep tears at bay. Here are some fun phrases you could put in:

  • “I promise to love you even if you always take me to Ikea and then I have to assemble the furniture”
  • “I promise to always listen to you even when there is a football match, perhaps with only one ear”
  • “I promise I will almost always notice that you have cut your hair”
  • “I will love you even in poverty, which is likely given your passion for shopping”
  • “I promise to love you at least as much as the cat”
  • “You can always count on my likes on Facebook”

Romantic wedding promises
If you are two romantics why not express it in the best possible way on the ideal day

  • “I am proud to become your wife, delighted to discover what awaits us day after day, together, in this adventure”
  • “You are the love of my life and I am proud that you have chosen to marry me. I promise to support your dreams and to always be there for you “
  • “You are my dream come true, my forever, my best friend, my strength. You are my Everything”

True love and unconditional love , so let your heart speak and you won’t go wrong.

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