Everyone knows the usefulness of traditional powder, but have you ever wondered what transparent powder is for After reading this article, you will understand that you can no longer do without this versatile product that does not alter the tone of the skin, on the contrary fixes the make-up and makes the complexion more homogeneous. The transparent mattifying powder is the best ally against shiny skin, especially for the T-zone which is the most at risk. Practical, simple to apply and with truly extraordinary results: the transparent powder will become the inevitable product in your daily beauty routine. First, however, it is essential to understand what it is used for and how it must be applied! Transparent face powder: what is
Latransparent powder, as its name already says, is a powder with a light texture that absorbs excess sebum, mattifies and sets makeup. Its impalpability makes it perfect to apply even during the period, in which it becomes even more fundamental due to the high temperatures and the risk of sweating.
The powder is obviously not to be confused with the foundation: they are two products with different roles and usefulness and it is also necessary to be very careful during application, in order to avoid the creation of the mask effect. The transparent powder can therefore be used to fix the make-up base, but not only: even creamy eyeshadows and eye pencils.
The main differences that distinguish it from the classic powder are precisely the absence of color and the very fine composition that make it very light on the face, without altering the skin tone, instead covering the presence of enlarged pores and imperfections. In fact, many prefer to use this type of powder during the summer, while relying on a traditional powder during the winter. This depends on your needs, but what is certain is that the transparent powder is perfect for every occasion and for every skin type, especially for oily skin. Different types of transparent
powder Transparent powder can be sold in two different types: compact or powder. The transparent compact powderand indicated as a fixative and as a corrector of small imperfections. Even if it appears white, once applied it is transparent, and leaves the skin smooth, velvety and uniform, with a matte effect even on the T-zone. Try: Essence All About Matt! , the compact fixing powder by Essence.
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The transparent loose powder is perfect for fixing make-up, especially in situations of summer heat, but it can also be used alone to absorb excess sebum, reducing the shiny areas. Try: NYX Professional Makeup Finishing Powder Studio Free Powder, with a matte finish and translucent shades, excellent as a base and in the correction of imperfections, it is compatible with all skin types and is suitable for everyday use.
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    The big difference between these two types of powder is in the application: the compact powder can in fact be applied with the classic make-up sponge even when you are away from home, while the powder one needs a soft brush . How to apply the transparent powder
    The application of the transparent powder is quite simple, but it is advisable to follow a few steps. If you use loose powder you will need to:

    • equip yourself with a soft bristle brush;
    • make light circular movements with which to cover the whole face.

    This way you can get a uniform result.
    If, on the other hand, you use compact powder you will need to:

    • equip yourself with a sponge, which very often is already supplied inside the box;
    • dab the sponge covered with powder on the skin, applying it even in the most difficult areas.

    Very easy to apply, fast and surprising in the result: the transparent powder is the solution to always be at the top , at any time of the day! In addition to being a fixative, this make-up product can also be used in other alternative ways, for example:

    • it can be used as a primer, before applying the foundation so that it makes the skin perfect for subsequent product applications;
    • it can be used to fix the seal of the eye pencil, in this case a veil is applied to the edge of the lashes;
    • it can fix eyeshadows if applied on mobile eyelids to avoid creating lines in the folds of the eyes;
    • can be used when too much blush is applied to create a more natural effect;
      finally it can be used to fix lipsticks.

    Whatever use you choose to do, the transparent powder will become a product that you can no longer give up to get a perfect make-up, in any situation!

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