Is your car very old and you hardly use it
Are you tired of paying for insurance and repairs when the kilometers you travel are minimal

Try to cancel it temporarily . It is something that few people know and that can be very effective in the event that we are not going to circulate with our vehicle for a period of time. This does not mean that you leave the car in the scrapyard and you can forget about it. Nothing of that. When you are going to use it again, you must register it again. And ready.
As explained in the DGT, during the period in which a vehicle is temporarily deregistered, it will not be able to circulate and will be exempt from paying the municipal circulation tax. This type of cancellation has a temporary character, without a deadline and can be reversed, or go to permanent cancellation, at the time you want.
While the car is temporarily deregistered, it must be stored in a garage or inside your chalet/plot because any vehicle parked on public roads must be insured and have a valid ITV. In addition, if there is a seal on the vehicle, it is not possible to process the cancellation, whether temporary or permanent. It is necessary to cancel said seal prior to the request to cancel it.
If there is a seal on the vehicle, it is not possible to process the removal, whether temporary or permanent.
In the RACE they explain how we should remove our car and how to save ourselves the paperwork with us. We have two ways to request temporary withdrawal from the General Directorate of Traffic: Online, through the DGT application, although later we will have to go to the DGT to present the official forms, and in person, requesting an appointment with Through the DGT website or by calling 060 . When you have the date, you will have to present yourself at a Traffic Headquarters or Office.

Procedures over the Internet and at the Traffic Headquarters

If you carry out the process over the InternetYou must have your digital certificate or electronic DNI at hand, fill out and submit the request for temporary withdrawal and pay the corresponding fee to appear later at the DGT to present the official forms.
If you do it physically, you must present yourself with your DNI or passport at the Traffic Headquarters , present the temporary withdrawal request form and they will give you the document directly there, presenting proof of payment of the fee.
The maximum time for temporary removal of a car is 1 year from the date of application
The maximum time for temporary removal of a car is 1 year from the date of application. Until April 2021 there was no limit for the temporary deregistration of the vehicle, but the DGT considers that this measure will serve to avoid the abusive use of the temporary deregistration that some workshops carried out with the aim of evading the obligation to take a vehicle to an Authorized Center. Treatment at the end of its useful life.

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