Summer has now exploded but not everyone has yet been lucky enough to enjoy a holiday under the sun and think about sunbathing. There is still time to get ready and understand how to tan well and quickly , to get a golden complexion quickly, safely and above all to make it last over time. It is important not to leave anything to chance, but to prepare the skin before exposure , taking care of nutrition and protecting the skin from the inside, using targeted treatments before, during and after sun exposure and dedicating some extra care to not unnecessarily stress the skin. . The result
A spotless , sunburn-free, homogeneous tan with a luminous complexion.

  • Heal the skin from the inside with supplements rich in antioxidants that stimulate the production of melanin
  • An all-natural help: eat foods rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene
  • Prepare the skin before sun exposure: scrub and hair removal
  • The choice of the right body and face sunscreen based on the phototype and texture
  • Sunny yes, but with caution: it is important not to overdo it if you want to keep the complexion
  • Never neglect the skin after the sun: hydration operation
  • The trick you never thought of to make your tan last much longer

Treat the skin from the inside with supplements rich in antioxidants that stimulate the production of melanin
As a first step to prepare the skin for the sun , it is recommended to take specific supplements to protect the skin from the inside from damage due to sun exposure . Often, in fact, only with food it is not possible to introduce all the vitamins and mineral salts that help the skin to regenerate from the inside, stimulate the production of melanin and fight free radicals. Food supplements obviously do not replace a healthy diet, but they help where there are deficiencies, thus enhancing what our body naturally does during sun exposure.
They should be started a few months before exposure to the sun , but it is always better to take them anyway, especially in the case of sensitive, very light skin or that struggles to tan and tends to burn easily. They are formulated with beta-carotene, vitamin C, powerful antioxidants and vitamins that help the skin stay hydrated and better protected from the harmful rays of the sun and are ideal not only before exposure, but also during and once the holiday is over, to make it last longer. plus the tan . An all-natural help: eat foods rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene
Supplements are a great help to prepare the skin for the sun but you can’t just use them. It is important to take care of nutrition all year round to have healthy skin but even more so in summer, when it is subjected to strong stress between the sun, salt, chlorine and salt water. It is not ideal to take supplements if you do not have a correct and healthy diet, naturally integrating what the body and skin need to stay beautiful and healthy.
The colors of the food come to our rescue, so the ideal would be to increase the consumption of seasonal fruit and vegetables, in particular orange. Carrots, apricots, peaches, melon, peppers and tomatoes provide a good supply of beta-carotene, as well as a precursor of vitamin A, essential not only for a correct tan but above all a powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals. Prepare the skin before sun exposure: scrubs and hair removal
Before exposing yourself to the sun it is important to prepare the skin with treatments to be performed before starting the tan operation. First of all, the advice is to shave or wax one or two days before sun exposure. In this way you will not need to go to the beautician immediately after finishing the holiday and you will not feel that the tan goes away with the razor or with the tear.
This is actually a false myth, because the tan does not remain on the surface: what it removes by shaving is the layer of dead and oxidized cells that seem to darken the skin but, in reality, make it gray. Better to look a little lighter but with a bright golden color rather than a greyish patina which, of course, does not make the skin beautiful.
Another effective treatment to be carried out before but also at the end of the holiday is a delicate body scrub. Also in this case, in addition to stimulating circulation and making the skin smoother and more hydrated, the scrub eliminates dead cells. By immediately removing the by now old layer of skin you will be able not to peel during sun exposure (if correct, a separate case is the skin that peels due to sunburn) because the cell turnover always takes place but faster and visibly if the skin and subjected to stress. The choice of the right body and face sunscreen based on the phototype and texture
The choice of face or body sunscreenit should not be left to chance, but to be done according to your tastes as well as type of skin. Very dark skins will be able to opt for a slightly lower body sunscreen, even if the ideal to keep it healthy and young and above all protected from diseases would still be to use high sunscreens for each phototype, between 50 and 30.
Never go down under the average protection , which goes from 15 to 25, because you get tanned anyway: maybe it will take a few more days, but the result will be a homogeneous, uniform complexion, without burns and without lighter spots caused by peeling. Very light skin, which tans little or is reactive to the sun, on the other hand, must opt ​​for very high sun protection, from 50 upwards, but in specific cases of sun allergy it is better to consult your dermatologist.
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As for the texture, there are now sun creams for every type of skin and need. Who can not stand to spread the body sunscreenyou can opt for spray waters, which are sprayed directly on the skin without the need to spread them, therefore perfect for beach holidays with very fine sand that does not stick to the hands and body. Important and pay attention to apply it everywhere, being invisible.
For those with dehydrated or very dry skin, it is better to buy extremely moisturizing and nourishing sunscreens , which keep it soft and smooth despite the sun, salt or chlorine. Sunscreens with anti-aging active ingredients are also excellent , because prevention is better than cure or, in the case of the legs, there are anti-cellulite formulations or with refreshing active ingredients that help circulation.
Also, do not forget to choose specific products for the face, because it is different from that of the body, more delicate and with specific needs. Oily skin face sunscreen , anti-blemish face sunscreen , light anti-age face sunscreen , the choice is really very wide, the important thing is to choose it exactly as it happens for normal skincare treatments. Sunny yes, but with caution: it is important not to overdo it if you want to keep the complexion
Also pay attention to how and how much you expose yourself to the sun: not only is it important not to do it in the hottest hours, where the sun’s rays are direct, but also not to exceed the quantity with the idea of ​​getting tanned more or faster. It is advisable to stay in the sun before 11 am and after 4 pm, in this way it will be more difficult to burn yourself. Definitely avoid the lunch hours, when the sun’s rays are too direct and it is easy to get red, burned or even burned.
We must then allow the skin to regenerate: exaggerating with the sun, in fact, will not make it tan more.or faster but on the contrary, the skin turns red and begins to peel. So much effort for nothing, therefore: better expose yourself gradually, a little in the first days and increasing over time. If there are few days of sunshine available, expose yourself longer but renew the application of the sunscreen very frequently and expose yourself early in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon. Never neglect the skin after the sun: hydration operation
Once you return home after a day at the beach, in the pool or under the sun in the mountains, remember to clean the skin with delicate products, so as not to further stress the skin and prevent it from drying out further. In fact, salt and the sun tend to dehydrate it, which is why it is necessary to apply an oil or cream immediately after a shower. Not only that, theafter sun creams are formulated with active ingredients that can soothe redness or sunburn and have an action against free radicals.
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A natural remedy for sunburninstead, and apply pure aloe gel on the skin: aloe has a soothing and moisturizing action and above all gives relief in case of burns and tightening skin, going to flare the area and prevent the skin from dehydrating. In the case of very dry skin it can be mixed with a little vegetable oil, for example coconut with Monoi if you want to smell like summer or simply sweet almonds, with an elasticized action. The trick you never thought of to make your tan last much longer
How to make your tan last long after you get home and after your holidays
Moisturizing the skin and performing scrubs to eliminate dead cells, of course, but a effective trick is to mix your own moisturizer with a little bit ofself-tanner . In this way the effect will not be artificial, it will be difficult to create spots even with a faster and less precise application and above all you will be able to maintain your tan until the end of summer and beyond.
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