Tea tree oil, commonly known as tea tree oil , is an essential oil obtained by steam distillation from tea tree leaves. Tea Tree Oil is composed of various types of terpenes, whose phytotherapeutic properties are extremely effective in purifying oily and impure skin .
Characterized by a pungent spicy and herbaceous aroma, it is used in phytocosmetics thanks to its disinfectant , purifying and astringent activity .
The antibacterial actionof the compound depends on processes of denaturation of the proteins constituting the cell membrane of microorganisms, including those responsible for the onset of acne disorders.
Furthermore, this oil has also been shown to be active against unicellular fungi that can cause epidermal and skin adnexal anomalies. Also useful as a remedy in cases where the pores on oily skin increase in volume to the point of being visible to the naked eye.
Since the cause of this anomaly almost always depends on an overproduction of sebum, Tea Tree Oilthe ideal remedy is confirmed. This is because it is able to eliminate sebaceous deposits, freeing the pores that regain their natural size. The sebum constitutes the substrate on which the bacteria multiply causing the onset of acneic forms. Thanks to the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action of the compound, the epidermis decongests.

Tea Tree Oil against oily and acne-prone skin
In the daily routine of acne-prone skin it is advisable to use a neutral cleanser enhanced by two or three drops of tea tree oil. In fact, the compound, after an adequate emulsion, cleans and disinfects even the deepest layers.
Thanks to its organoleptic characteristics, the Tea Tree Oilapplied to oily skin, it determines an effective purifying action . It is advisable to mix this compound with natural oils as direct contact with the skin could cause redness and irritation in particularly sensitive subjects.
In addition to favoring a deep and thorough cleansing on the skin of the face, it can be tapped on the T-zone, where blackheads and pimples are concentrated. A gauze soaked in warm water with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil can help purify the epidermal surface.
In the case of very inflamed pimples or to promote a healing process, it is advisable to pour two drops of this pure oil on gauze and gently pat the lesion.
As a preventative action against the formation of pimples and boils, it may be useful to dilute a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in the night face cream. In fact, during the night’s rest, the compound stimulates the elimination of impurities and foreign particles by the innermost layers of the epidermis. In this way the skin is deeply purified in the morning .

Tea Tree Oil in face masks for oily skin
Tea Tree Oil can also be used in the production of face masks for oily skinand acne-prone, after being mixed with clay. The synergistic action of the oil with the clay enhances the benefits of the individual components, helping to visibly improve the appearance of the skin. To make a purifying mask of this kind it is necessary to mix two tablespoons of clay, five drops of Tea Tree Oil and a teaspoon of honey in a cup of warm water, until obtaining a cream with a semi-fluid consistency.
The mask, to be applied on the face excluding the lips and eye contour, must remain in place for about twenty minutes, until it is perfectly solidified. The mechanism of action of oil associated with that of clay allows to eliminate toxins and impurities,. In addition, it can deeply cleanse the skin, making it smooth and radiant.
It is enough to use the mask once a week to get the benefits. Provided that on the surface of the face there are no abrasions or open boils that could ignite in contact with the components. In particularly difficult cases, when the skin has significant impurities associated with inflammation and peeling, it is possible to add even three or four drops of propolis, whose antibacterial action enhances that of the oil.

Warnings for the use of Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil is an essential and non-vegetable oil and therefore it is particularly concentrated and must be used following some precautions.
In fact, while vegetable oils can be applied to the skin in purity even every day, producing a nourishing, protective, tonic or elasticizing action, the essential ones require certain precautions.
As their name indicates, these compounds contain the essence of the vegetable from which they are extracted and therefore must be dosed with the dropper.
Tea tree oil is an exception as, although it is an essential oil and therefore very concentrated, it can be used pure on the epidermis, even if only occasionally. Being a powerful and extremely effective product, it is perfect for oily skin, whose surface is covered with a layer of lipid substances. The composition of the oil is able to overcome the latter by rebalancing the structure of the skin layers.
If used adequately and with the right dosage, tea tree oil is very effective in improving the appearance of oily and acne-prone skin, especially in young people where sebaceous hyperproduction is almost always present.

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