Brittle nails are a common problem with the change of season, even more so in this particular period, when the hands are often trapped in latex gloves that do not let the skin transpire, creating a humid environment that favors their weakening. However, there are many treatments that can help maintain healthy and strong nails , starting from recipes that can be prepared at home, specific products and even non-curative solutions, but designed for those who always want to have manicured and tidy hands. Let’s find out which ones! Wraps, masks and DIY recipes to strengthen nails
And a passepartout ingredient for the preparation of wraps for hair, face but also for nails: olive oiland nourishing , emollient . Just mix it in an enamel bottle (previously cleaned, washed and well dried) with lemon essential oil , with antibacterial, whitening, disinfectant properties, rich in calcium, iron and vitamins. It is passed every evening on clean nails and massaged until completely absorbed , taking care to insist on the gyrocuticles, especially if you had the nail polish applied.
It is a really low cost treatment that gives great results, you just need a little consistency. Another perfect oil for eyelashes, hair and nails and also castor oil, even richer and more full-bodied, with a high strengthening power. You can use it instead of olive oil or as a real pack , combining ingredients such as yogurt and honey , to be mixed to create a cream to apply on hands and nails , leave on for 15/20 minutes and then rinse. . For an even more intensive treatment, leave it on all night applying cotton gloves to avoid getting dirty.
Source: 123rf Semi -permanent and gel reconstruction damage the nail
We assume that the semi- permanent and gel reconstructionl, if well executed, do not cause so much damage, the important thing is to rely on expert hands. Indeed, in the case of thin nails, which grow with difficulty because they break and do not resist shocks, they are even useful to be able to make them stretch. If in principle it would be better to avoid on very damaged nails, in this case they could help those who have to wear gloves often, and for long periods. The product applied on top and layered, in fact, protects the underlying nail and makes it thicker and harder . In this way, the humid environment created by the gloves will not affect the nail and, in the evening, you can still apply an oil or a cream with a strengthening action, to limit the damage.
Source: 123rfWith the change of season what you need is a supplement
As with hair, which tends to fall out, the change of season is also felt on the nails. Therefore, it can be a winning idea to combine beauty treatments with supplements that act from the inside. Not only are they useful for the nails, but they are also good for the skin and hair , so minimum effort, maximum yield! There are many types, in the form of tablets , liquids , gummy candies : the important thing is that the active ingredients inside are functional, for example MSM , Biotin , Zinc , Iron ,Vitamin B5 , Panthenol and Vitamin E. They are taken for at least a month but, for best results, it is better to continue the treatment for a longer period.
Source: 123rf For the do-it-yourself manicure at home, it is always better to use delicate products and daily treatments
If you do not want to resort to semipermanent or gel cover, but you want to have your hands treated with nail polish, remember to use products that protect the nail . Before applying the color, in fact, a protective and strengthening base must be applied , in order to protect the nail and at the same time exercise a slightly curative action. After the polish, then move on to the application of the Top Coat , in order toprotect the color but also create another protective layer on the nail .
When removing, use acetone -free solvents enriched with nourishing, emollient and soothing substances, vitamins and oils. To file the nails in the most delicate way possible, then, choose files that are not too thick and rough , perfect those in glass, very delicate. Always try to file in the same direction but above all avoid nail clippers or scissors, which create micro fractures that weaken the nails.

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