The straightening hair dryer is a quick and practical alternative to the classic brushing, that is the method by which you can dry and smooth your hair with a brush and hairdryer. This method is not so practical especially for those who are not experts, risking to leave some strands not perfectly smoothed, to keep the heat and the hair dryer too much in contact with the hair or to stress them because they are repeatedly brushed. It is not easy to get a perfect hair straightening with a brush and hairdryer if you try to do the styling at home by yourself, but there is a valid alternative: the straightening hair brush .
In practice it is a brush that connects to the current and, once turned on, dries the hair and at the same time smoothes it, combing it. It is really easy to use but above all fast, much faster than a classic brushing and above all normal drying and then passing the hair straightener.

  • Before starting to dry your hair with the straightening brush
  • The 2-in-1 moment: how to dry and straighten your hair at the same time
  • Don’t forget these steps after using the hair straightening brush

Before starting to dry your hair with the straightening brush
Before starting to use the straightening brush, obviously you need to wash your hair and pat it dry so that it is not too wet, to remove excess moisture. To avoid making your hair electric, it is better to use microfiber towels, natural fibers or even a cotton t-shirt that you no longer use. Avoid the classic terry towels but above all do not rub the hair so as not to break and excessively stress the hair. Also avoid rolling the screw towel, as this movement could also damage the hair in the long run.
Dab them gently, the hair will no longer have to drip. Now move on to applying styling products, your favorites will do just fine. On the market there are many oils, moisturizing milks and no-rinse spray conditioners but also specific products to straighten the hair. The important thing is that you do not forget to also apply a heat protector, that is a product that protects the hair from heat, necessary to prevent the hair from being damaged by the heat of the straightening hair dryer but in general with all hair dryers and also tools such as plate or iron. The “2-in-1” moment: how to dry and straighten your hair at the same
time Now it’s time for the actual drying. Proceed by passing thestraightening hair dryer brush from top to bottom, from the hairline to the tips and work all over the head. Repeat this operation several times to start drying the hair first so that it is easier and faster to handle the individual strands and still begin to smooth them and not make them swell too much.
Then divide the hair into sections so that it is easier to straighten them all but, above all, by doing so you will be able to obtain a tidier and more precise smoothness and the hair will be less swollen and voluminous. The first section to work is the one behind the nape, because it is a naturally warmer part that dries sooner but also because it would be more difficult to start from the front and then get to the back and under all the hair.
Go through the brush a couple of times or until your hair feels dry, proceed like this for the whole section and then take a new section of hair. Repeat these steps until you have finished all the hair, insisting more on the front area, the one that frames the face. Then pass the straightening hair-dryer brush againon all the hair and at this point you can admire how in half an hour you will not only have dried your hair, but you will also have obtained voluminous straight hair, without effort. Do not forget these steps after using the straightening hair dryer brush.There
are also a couple of optional steps to make your smooth hair style perfect with the hair dryer brush . If you want your hair to stay straight longer and above all remove some volume, quickly pass the straightener all over your hair. 5/10 minutes and a low heat are really enough because you will not have to straighten them from scratch, but only to perfect the fold. If with the hair straightening brushand you have obtained a smooth that satisfies you, pass the plate without dividing the hair into sections, otherwise if necessary, take large sections and locks, just to finish the straightening quickly. Once finished, apply an oil or a moisturizing product, which will further polish the hair, nourish it, compact the ends and pamper it after using heat. Now enjoy your smooth styling obtained in an easy but above all fast way compared to other methods.

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