They say that when it comes to prioritizing in our lives, we tend to see everything as important and essential, that we cannot discard anything. The point is that sometimes our perception fails and what we prefer is not always preferable. Thus, sometimes we forget to live authentically.

This leads to our world falling apart and we feel that we don’t have time for anything, not even to stop and reflect on what we lack or what we don’t want to continue as before…

We tend to think that we will be able to do it later and that we are not going to profit from the great effort that organizing our lives would entail. But that later, sometimes, seems not to come…

“Live as if you will die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Life gives you opportunities

Disease and death are what make us slow down in the race of life.

Other times, the majority, we leave these tasks for tomorrow, because if there is something that we do not give importance to, it is ourselves. But there is no need to get to that point, if you start to feel lost or empty, life is giving you a great opportunity .

“The man who has lived the longest is not the one who has lived the most years, but the one who has experienced life the most.”

Set your priorities

Who has not made a list of resolutions at the beginning of the year and has forgotten them over the months? It is practically a universal evil and the reason is simple: the important thing is not what we want to achieve, but knowing why we want to achieve it .

The problem is that this requires time that we are not willing to give ourselves. Therefore, the first thing is that you become aware , that you ask yourself questions and that you answer yourself no matter how uncomfortable it may be for you.

Once you have this clear, you can set your goals in harmony with what is relevant to you. Otherwise you are putting obstacles to yourself and, after all, if you want something to change, you have to do something different.

It is about that in the end you can dedicate a little of your time to each part of your life to which you give importance. On the other hand, be flexible and rethink your priorities on a daily basis .

The balance does not exist, but the demands of life are changing and things remain in place for a short time . To do this, try not to act like a robot and analyze the signals that life is sending you (it is not necessary to maintain the same lifestyle when our children are young as when they are teenagers ).

“We are in such a hurry to do, write and let our voices be heard in the silence of eternity, that we forget the only thing that is really important: living.”

Take time to live

Tolkien said that “all that glitters is not gold, but all the wandering people who are lost”. He begins to think that the first and essential thing in life is yourself.

You may find yourself absent from your own world for various reasons . You may be a workaholic, living in the past, too focused on building a future for yourself or too aware of others…

For this reason, we invite you with this video to reflect and write your story without structure, neither introduction nor middle nor ending; just develop the keys in your environment so that every day they move you to where you want to be…

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