Have you heard of squirt

Sure you have, and you’re wanting to know if you’ve achieved it or not, or what its mysteries are.
Perhaps pornography has brought to the table that we all want to know how to squirt, or perhaps it is that we are becoming more curious and demanding about our sexuality.
Be that as it may, how to make a squirt is not something difficult and it is within everyone’s reach, so if you are interested in the subject, keep reading, settle into the most sensual side of your being and do not lose detail because we will tell you everything.

What is squirt

To understand how to cause squirt, the main thing is to know how to distinguish between the two types of fluid expulsionthat exist in the person with a vagina, and that are sometimes confused with each other or are not well known.
On the one hand, there is a very common type of ejaculation , which often occurs without us noticing, and which consists of a small amount of whitish-looking liquid, similar to male semen.
On the other hand, true squirting or squirting involves an expulsion in the form of a jet of a much larger quantity of liquid, more similar to water, which comes from Skene’s glands. These glands are going to expel the liquid that will have been generated in the mythical G-spot, which is not mythical because it exists and we are going to show you where it is.
Are you more lost now than before
It’s easy, there is a scarce and whitish ejaculation that is not squirt and another abundant and jet that also comes out of the vagina. This last one is the one we look for when we ask ourselves how to provoke a squirting.

Skene’s glands

Now we know that Skene’s glands are the ones that expel the liquid. These are glands that are larger in some women than in others, which would explain to a certain extent why some women achieve a squirt more easily.
When Skene’s glands are small, fluid can easily pass into the vagina, instead of spurting out.

How to make a squirting

First of all we are going to focus the subject. Here we are talking about female masturbation, and as far as the woman’s self-pleasure is concerned, anything goes if she likes it.
If until a few years ago masturbation was male territory, that has been over for a long time. The myths and taboos about masturbation in people with a vagina are over and, yes, women enjoy alone and we do it very well, without there being anything wrong with it.
And why is getting a squirt a matter of masturbation
Because no matter how pleasurable the sexual positions are, to safely achieve a squirt there is nothing like doing it yourself, with your little hands or with your toys.

How to cause a squirt: we explain it
to you
How to get a squirt is not something complicated. Soon we will teach you how to get a squirting easily.

Relax and enjoy

The main thing is to find a moment of relaxation, practice with patience and be willing to experiment with our own body.
Surely you already know that the great luck of girls is that we can obtain sexual pleasure in many different ways and in very different intensities, so don’t get obsessed, squirting is neither the best nor essential.
The power of the mind is key: relaxation, well-being and desire to enjoy will be the basic step to start your experience of how to have a squirt. Are you convinced that you want to do it
Well, go ahead.

stimulate yourself as you know
Stimulate your erotic awareness. If you really want to know how to get squirting, foreplay is a fundamental step and you must be in ” sexual mode “.
Get excited, touch yourself, use your usual masturbatory resources and add something more of your fantasies.

Use water-based lubricant

The next step will be to use lubricant. Achieve the stimulation of the entire area with hydration and notice the fluidity it provides and how your levels of excitement increase.
Ideally, you should use a water-based lubricant, which is the most similar to our natural lubrication and is totally harmless without causing allergies or irritations.

Stimulate your clitoris

Now you can start to stimulate yourclitoris . Circular movements, pressures, taps, speed changes. The better you know yourself and the better you masturbate clitorally, the easier it will be for you to give an answer to how to get to the squirt.
You know that it is best to pay attention to your body and your desires at all times and never limit yourself.

If you feel like it, you can use sex toys.

How to achieve a squirt will depend a lot on how you like to masturbate. If toys are your thing, this is the moment, different vibrators and accessories can come into play here, take a look at these dildos on sexplace, for example.
If you’re one of those who joined the Satisfyer bandwagon , there’s no problem, use it holding yourself back so you don’t get there yet to orgasm. Do you like morePerfect dildos

, try penetrating yourself with them for a while before moving on to the maneuver of how to reach squirting.

Penetrate yourself with your fingers and reach the G-spot.

Now if you are very excited, so the real part of how to get the squirt begins. With your pelvis very relaxed and your legs open, insert your index and middle

fingers into your vagina , with their tips facing your navel and your nails facing your back.
Now you can start stimulating your famous G-spot, which is only two phalanxes deep. Well, make a small flexion of your fingers, as if you were saying ” come here “, and you will already notice that you are touching it.
with sexual arousal

The G-spot will be inflamed and it will be easy for you to notice it , as a somewhat more spongy and protruding area, which grows when you caress it.
You can make slight pressures in a circular way at different speeds or intermittently, letting yourself be carried away by intuition.
With all this, pressure will be produced in Skene’s glands. Don’t be scared if you get very excited because it’s normal.
There are some sex toys specially designed to reach the G-spot, so if you feel like it, you can also stimulate yourself with them. They have a special curved shape to access that area.

Stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time
The excitement is increasing, and you will like to stimulate your clitoris while you continue massaging the G zone, thus performing a double stimulation.
You can stimulate the clitoris with the thumb of the same hand with which you are penetrating yourself, so that all your movements are in rhythm.

Pelvic movements and squirting: how to do it

The pelvis wants to move and you let it flow. Help yourself by moving her forward and squeezing her buttocks, so that the pressure on the G-spot is greater.
In addition, you will notice much more pleasure when contracting the muscles and you will already notice that the orgasm arrives.

Sensation of urinating
As arousal builds and you feel your orgasm approaching, you may feel like you want to pee. That’s a good sign and it means that squirting no longer has any secrets for you.
Don’t be afraid if you feel like urinating and, above all, don’t stop!Stay relaxed and enjoy to the fullest.

Squirt and get it all wet.

It may happen before, during or after the orgasm. The thing is that it will be wet and you will love it.
When you notice that you are reaching orgasm, take your fingers out and push with the orgasmic waves.
You may notice a discharge going down your vagina. You push and let it out.
Is it urine

No, it’s not, you know… Skene’s glands!It’s not pee.
Squirting may have been surprising to you this first time. Were you expecting more liquid
Was it weird

Every woman is different, just like her orgasms and ejaculations.

Haven’t you managed to have a squirt
‘s okay , you’ve probably enjoyed it a lot anyway, so don’t get frustrated. For some women, achieving a squirt requires a lot of training and after several attempts they manage to make it appear.
In short, squirt or squirting is a jet expulsion of water-like fluids that come from the Skene’s glands in people with a vagina, and that appears during masturbation or sexual intercourse as a result of G-spot stimulation.on the anterior aspect of the vagina. Some women experience it more easily while there are others who have never experienced it.
How to provoke squirt is a question that many women ask themselves and whose simplest answer is found in masturbation with G-spot massage or stimulation with erotic toys specifically for that purpose. You can reach the squirt before, during or after the orgasm, or even without it taking place.Some women never manage to achieve it and for others it is not a pleasant experience, without this being a detriment in the way they enjoy their sexuality.

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