How to set the air conditioning temperature: a useful guide
High temperatures can become debilitating for all those who suffer from the heat. To give them smiles and an exceptional feeling of well-being are the air conditioners that, especially in the summer season, become faithful friends.
Of course, you tend to set the temperatures of the air conditioner according to your needs, but it will be good to take into account some objective and decisive factors to have the guarantee of creating an environment with an ideal and, above all, healthy temperature. Air conditioners: What does ideal temperature mean
But what does “ideal” temperature mean
At this point, a reflection is required: savings or comfort
And, in fact, it is necessary to specify that setting the temperature to low values ​​could have a heavy impact on the wallet and, therefore, it would be necessary to avoid making dizzying reductions of 15-20 ° C compared to the external temperature both to avoid creating stress for the organism that would be forced to adapt to a sudden change in temperature, and to avoid overloading the air conditioner.
On the market we find a wide range of increasingly innovative air conditioners, capable of automatically detecting the ideal temperature in the different rooms of the house, in consideration of the external temperatures and the level of humidity present in our rooms. According to what is reported by the website, a company that deals with the sale and installation of Mitsubishi air conditioners, companies such as Daikin, Mitsubishi and LG , in recent years have been focusing heavily on biometric detection systems to automatically ganerate the temperature defined by ” ideal comfort “.
To create a comfortable environment , on the other hand, in general it will be sufficient to evaluate the degrees outside and set the air conditioning temperature to 6-7 ° C lower than that marked by the thermometer.
It must be borne in mind that already 3-4 ° C less will significantly cool the environment, creating a pleasant sensation of refreshment.
In any case, for the temperature to be “ideal” a simple formula must be applied: Ideal temperature = (Outside temperature: 2) + 10 ° C
Let’s take a practical example :
If the thermometer shows 32 ° C, to set the ideal temperature you need do:
32: 2 = 16 + 10 = 26 ° C -> IDEAL INTERNAL TEMPERATURE
Beyond any temperature, the indisputable imperative is never to set the air conditioner below 18 ° C.
Remember that – in addition to the temperature – the speed of the fan can be set, selecting between the “slow”, “medium” and “fast” modes which concern the force with which the air is released into the room to be cooled. Dehumidification process: what it is
The dehumidification process is operated and implemented by the air conditioner when it is in use for cooling.
To feel good in an environment, it is necessary to eliminate the humidity , responsible for the feeling of sticky air and the annoyance it creates.
Therefore , dehumidification allows to obtain benefitseven in the presence of high temperatures as, however, the environment would be dry and the feeling of well-being would be determined not by the degrees actually present, but by those perceived by the body. How to eliminate humidity
The dehumidification operation is separate from that of the air conditioning and, in fact, it can also be started independently from the other.
It is clear that the presence of the precise percentage of humidity in the room cannot be calculated and, therefore, the air conditioner will work on standard numbers.
The high presence of humidity in the house can cause severe physical discomfort, as well as problems with mold and bacteria that can spread on the walls of the house, the sleeping area is certainly the one most subject to sudden changes in humidity, especially in small spaces, that’s why when choosing the bedroom furniture it is important to provide a space for our air conditioner.
The humidity will be eliminated taking into consideration a predetermined limit which usually corresponds to a value between 30% and 50% of the saturation threshold of the circulating air.
Security officer and hygrometerwhich – once the preset humidity level has been reached – avoids making the air conditioner work unnecessarily and will start working again as soon as the humidity rises again.
A similar instrument, the hygrograph , measures the variation in humidity over a given time period.

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